Reproductive Health Services

PLU’s Health Center is fully aligned with Washington State in our shared commitment to ensuring that students have equitable access to sexual and reproductive health services within our scope of care and to informed referrals to resources and services beyond the Health Center’s scope of care. Our first priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our students, and we recognize the role of sexual and reproductive health as an essential element of overall health. If you are a PLU student and have questions about sexual and reproductive health resources available to you, please refer to the Health Center overview or make an appointment with one of our providers to discuss your specific needs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Center is to provide quality health and wellness care to all PLU students, in a safe, confidential and supportive environment, and tailored to their unique and diverse needs, and to educate and empower students to achieve academic success, personal development and lifelong wellness.

Providing Care to ALL PLU Students

The PLU Health Center is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy campus. The Health Center offers primary healthcare services to ALL PLU students, including graduate and international students. We provide high-quality, confidential medical care right here on campus. Our wide range of services include management of acute illnesses and injuries like colds, sore throat, or muscle injuries. We also evaluate and manage chronic illnesses like asthma and high blood pressure. We also offer immunizations, specific men’s and women’s healthcare services, physical examinations, sexual health services, and care for emotional and mental health.

You can view a full list of services we provide here

Have you secured your own COVID-19 test?

Testing is also available through personal healthcare providers and local and mobile testing sites. Commuter students and students who live on campus and are scheduled to arrive early may utilize these options to secure testing no more than three days prior to coming to campus, provided no air travel occurs and there is no engagement in high-risk behaviors after testing. Students choosing this option must self-quarantine after testing until results are received, and must submit their test results to the Quarantine Coordinator by completing this form prior to participating in any in-person campus activity.

NEW Sickle Cell Screening Policy

All NCAA and Club Sports Athletes are now required as of Summer 2018 to provide results of newborn screening testing, testing for Sickle Cell Trait through their healthcare provider, or complete the Sickle Cell Training and waiver on the PLU Athletics webpage .

If the Health Center is closed and you require urgent medical advice, you may contact the MultiCare nurse consulting line by calling 253-792-6410.

You may also access urgent, 24/7 medical and mental health services via Lute TeleHealth by clicking here.

For urgent mental health support after business hours (including weekends and holidays), contact the Counseling Center Crisis Line at 253-535-7075.


The Health Center now carries light therapy boxes. These are light boxes that produce varying degrees of brightness that have been shown, when used for 20-30 minutes daily, to reduce some degree of the symptoms of seasonal depression.  For further in-depth information about light box therapy, click here. This information is also available under the “Depression” link on our website “Resources” tab. For our borrowing policy, see our Policy page.

In case of an emergency

Call extension 7911 from any on-campus phone, 253-535-7911 from your mobile phone, or 911 from off-campus.