New Students

Welcome to PLU!

We are delighted to have you with us, and we will do everything to keep you safe, healthy, and happy throughout your PLU education.

Prior to arrival on campus, there are several important steps to protect your health and to meet PLU’s health requirements.

Students who take a daily medication for any condition should keep the name of the medication and dose in card accessible in their wallet or purse or this information should be saved on a smart phone.  It is also important to note why you take each medication.

Students who are allergic to medications or other substances should keep similar records.  Students should document the medications to which they have allergies as well as the type of allergic reaction.

For students who need ongoing care from a specialist, we urge you to begin establishing a relationship with a specialist near the PLU campus now.  Examples may include students who need allergy injections (these are not offered by PLU Health Services,) regular visits to an endocrinologist for conditions like diabetes, and students who require ongoing care from a psychiatrist or other mental health professional.

Although PLU Health Services and the PLU Counseling Center provide a wide array of services, we do not offer specialty care on campus.  Please talk with your insurance carrier about available specialists near the PLU campus.  We also invite you to contact Health Services at 253-535-7337 or send email to if you have questions about particular specialists.

Before You Arrive:

Call us if you need a prescription filled before moving in.


601 121st St S Parkland, WA 98444


Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm


911 (off campus)