First Time Using PLU Health Services?

If this is your first time using PLU Health Services, we recommend calling in to schedule your first visit.  We will be happy to help schedule an appointment for you and make sure you’re all squared away before coming to see us.

Please keep in mind before calling for the first time, if you do not wish to discuss the reason for visiting us, it is okay to say, “It’s personal,” and we will not ask any further questions.

Call us at 253-535-7337 to schedule your first visit with us.

Before Your Visit

Before coming to PLU Health Services for a visit, make sure to know and have the following information on hand:

  • insurance card / policy number (bring with you to your appointment)
  • what your symptoms are
  • how long you have had your symptoms
  • temperature (if thermometer available)
  • any COVID-19 home test results (if completed)
  • what medications you are on (including birth control and vitamins)
  • info on any allergies (any medications, materials, etc)
  • any other current diagnoses

*If you are missing any of the information above, you are still able to make an appointment.  Please email

Manage Appointments with MyChart

If you have previously visited PLU Health Services, you can easily request an appointment by logging into your MyChart account and going to the Visits tab.  From there you can schedule, cancel, and view upcoming appointments with Health Services 24/7.

Attendance Policy

Health Services will assess a fine for students who no-show for appointments or cancel a scheduled appointment less than 24 hours in advance.  Students receive a warning for their first infraction for each academic year and are charged $30 for each subsequent infraction.  Infractions are counted separately for Health Services and Counseling Services.

If for any reason you are unable to attend or must change the time of your appointment:

  • If the appointment is within 24 hours, please call Health Services directly,
  • If at a later date, use MyChart to manage your appointments.  If you cannot access MyChart, you may call Health Services at 253-535-7337 during normal business hours.

PLU Health Services requires that all changes to appointment times be made at least 24-hours in advance.


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911 (off campus)