Vocation Essay Contest

On April 9th we had our Calling All Lutes: A Vocation Celebration event, and as part of that we honored all of our essay contest entrants and the winners! Thank you to all that submitted an essay and congratulations to our winners!

Pictured from left to right: Destini Hall, Jamie Orefice (First place), Kait Dawson, Hansol Hyon, Brenda Ochoa (Second place)

Not pictured: Elizabeth Kulus and Rayna LaFave-Clark

What is Vocation?

Vocation: Being called into relationship with others to promote human and ecological flourishing

• We are called by new knowledge and experience, by other people, by pressing need, by global events and crisis, and-for many-by the numinous, a higher power, by God, into awareness that life is more than securing a comfortable existence for oneself.

• We are called into relationship, into communities both temporary and life-long marked by diversity in life and thought, where we live into mutual responsibility for each other, trusting that we can be and do more together than apart in isolation.

• We are called together to promote human and ecological flourishing–the mission of this university–and so let learning animate service and care for this world and our commitment to strive for justice and peace wherever we find ourselves.


What we do: The Center promotes and provides a range of opportunities to engage with, discern, and live out vocation.  We accomplish this through Educating, Mentoring students, faculty and staff, Creating opportunities for the discernment of vocation, Developing resources, and Cooperative engagement through others on campus.