Who are the Wild Hope Fellows?

Created in 2014, the Wild Hope Fellows program aims to nurture a yearly cohort of students who will study various perspectives on vocation and then undertake projects in the university that welcome students into thoughtful reflection on leading lives of meaning and purpose, now and when they graduate.

Each spring semester candidates are nominated by members of the Center for Vocation Steering Committee.  The nominees are then invited to apply and interview for the fellowship. Those who are selected meet weekly with Wild Hope leaders, Dr. Marit Trelstad (Religion), and Ms. Laree Winer (Student Life) to learn collaboratively about the origins, meaning, and practice of vocation at PLU. Wild Hope Fellows receive a stipend of $1000 for their participation in the cohort.

As Fellows meet throughout the year, they should find themselves understanding rich and varied views of vocation; be able to describe and critically question Lutheran perspectives on vocation; recognize how PLU’s commitment to vocation supports its educational mission; demonstrate practical skills that nourish reflection on vocation (e.g., appreciative listening; silence; meditation); discuss vocation with other students; and serve as public representatives of the Center for Vocation at university events.

The Center for Vocation welcomes the tenth cohort of Fellows for the 2024-25 academic year.

Meet the 2024-25 Fellows

Major: Business (Concentration in Finance)

Major: Communication (Concentration in Strategic Communication)

Major: Environmental Studies

Major: Biology

Major: English Literature

Minor(s): Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies (GSRS); Religion; Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Major: Music

Minor(s): French and Francophone Studies

Major: Global Studies

Minor(s): Theatre