Join the Work Study Program

Government agencies, private corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations which are not involved in politics can apply to the State Work Study (SWS) program in partnership with PLU. Find out more about the work study program here at PLU.

Employers who sign up to participate are able to hire educated, motivated students at a lower cost. Learn more about recruiting at PLU.

Students are hired and paid according to the employer’s standard employment practices, with the employer receiving reimbursement for gross wages that have been paid to the student.

Completed referral agreements and any further questions relating to state work study can be emailed to


The Reimbursement rates for Work Study are:

Non-Profit Organizations: 70%

Government Agencies: 60%

Private Companies: 40%

Learn More

Read the Work Study Handbook to learn about the program.

Hire Students

Submit a Referral Agreement to PLU before a new student begins working.


Submit a timesheet after each payday to get reimbursed.