Support from the Sidelines

A great deal of learning happens outside the classroom. By working during college, your student will gain valuable employment experience and the opportunity to test and develop skills that will help them succeed after graduation. We offer diverse job opportunities  and internships to our students both on and off campus. Remember, Career Advisors are available to help students with each step along the way!

As a parent, guardian, family member, or mentor you can help encourage your student to access the resources that are available to them.  Finding one’s first job or internship can be intimidating, but we are here to help. If you help a student keep their important documents safe and organized, please remember that it will be necessary for them to present an original or certified copy of specific documents such as passport, birth certificate or social security card in order to begin a job.

In order to complete the I-9, students will need to show an original, unexpired document. Photocopies, scans, or photos are not acceptable.

Only certain kinds of ID are accepted so be sure to look at page 2 of the I-9 to bring either one document from List A or two documents one from each of the List B and List C options.

If your student has additional questions about employment, encourage them to contact us at

Search for Jobs

Students can search for on campus jobs, off campus jobs, work study jobs, and internships by logging in to the PLU Opportunities Board. Students will need to upload a resume to the Opportunities Board in order to view application requirements and apply for jobs.

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Meet with an Advisor

Students can schedule in-person and phone appointments with our Career Peer Advisors to get help writing a resume or cover letter. Career Advisors are available by appointment to explore career paths, prepare for interviews, and discuss internships with students and alumni.

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Work Study

Work study is a financial aid benefit which can make it easier for students to find jobs. All on-campus jobs are work study jobs. WA residents who have work study can also apply for off-campus work study jobs which may offer better pay or career-related experience.