What is minimum wage?

Washington State minimum wage is $16.28. Student Employment and the Payroll office will coordinate to automatically increase all student salaries in time for any minimum wage increase.

What forms does my student worker need to turn in to work on campus?

Read more about new hire forms here. If your student has previously had a paid on-campus job, they do not need to fill out the forms again. Forms must be submitted before the student begins their first shift.

How do I know if my new student worker has completed the forms?

Please discuss employment forms with any student you hire. If the student has not previously filled out the forms, please ask them to let you know as soon as their forms have been submitted to Student Employment. You can email studentjobs@plu.edu if you have a question about a specific student.

Wouldn't it be easier to have students fill out the forms during new student orientation?

The federal regulations are very clear that it is not legal to have a student fill out the I-9 until they have been offered a job. Schools that do allow students to submit their employment forms early have either decided to accept the liability of being fined for not complying with the regulation or are assigning students jobs at the start of their first year.

My student can't see their time sheet.

If you reported your new hire at least 3 business days ago and your student still cannot see their time sheet, please email studentjobs@plu.edu to troubleshoot. At the beginning of each school year, please allow at least a week for student employment to activate the time sheet in Banner.

Something is wrong with my student's job.

If your student worker’s start date, job title, hourly rate, or any other information is incorrect, please email studentjobs@plu.edu and we’ll be happy to fix it.

How can I give my student worker a raise?

Please fill out the Status Change Form to let us know you intend to give a raise to a student in your office. Because of Washington’s high minimum wage and tight budgets, most departments do not give students raises for length of service. Raises are generally only given if a student is taking on significant additional work, especially if the student begins supervising other student workers.

How do I post a job?

Log in to the Opportunities Board and click on Post a Job. If you do not have access to the Opportunities Board, please email studentjobs@plu.edu to get signed up.

My student worker forgot to submit their time sheet in Banner

If the deadline for supervisor approvals has not yet passed, you may be able to add the hours on behalf of your student worker. If you cannot see the student’s time sheet, please email studentjobs@plu.edu for assistance. If the supervisor deadline has passed, please have your student fill out a paper time sheet.

If I want to rehire a student worker do I need to enter a new Report a Hire for the new start date?

Yes. All rehires need a new Report a Hire submitted by their supervisor every year.