Areas for Consideration


Consider how long you want to immerse yourself in another culture. Programs range from a week to a year, and everywhere in between.


Get the biggest bang for your buck! Studying Away on a PLU Gateway or Featured semester program, you get to use financial aid, PLU gift aid and scholarships while earning PLU credit toward your degree. Program costs are comparable to being at PLU, plus there are study abroad scholarships available.

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Required for semester study away. Learn more about program options, scholarships and staying on track to graduate!

Short-Term Programs

J-Term programs are led by a PLU faculty member, cover a wide range of subjects, and range in location from the Tacoma Hill Top to Tanzania. The chance to participate in these international and domestic study programs lets you immerse yourself in a country, culture or discipline that you never imagined – and get credit for it, too.

Some Approved program provider organizations that we partner with offer study away opportunities during the summer. Please note that not all financial aid covers summer coursework.

Academic Discipline

Below you will find a list of some semester programs that offer coursework in a certain academic discipline, but there may be other programs that offer coursework in that academic discipline as well.

Courses listed on any Major Advising Plans (MAPs) have already been approved as a particular PLU course. If there is only a list of recommended programs but no Major Advising Plan available, the list of recommended programs does not guarantee which courses abroad might be approved to fulfill specific major/minor or GenEd requirements.


Intended Education students can fulfill GenEds on a number of programs prior to enrolling in the education program. To earn EDUC credit and fulfill major requirements, enrolled education students are encouraged to consider the Namibia Gateway semester program: Namibia coursework lines up with the junior year Education curriculum at PLU.

There has also been a Comparative Education J-Term course offered in Namibia that is a good fit for Education students in their senior year. J-Term course offerings change each year; in January, study away course offerings for J-Term of the following are announced.