Journey Away for January Term

Each January, PLU offers a variety of local and global faculty-led study away courses.  These intensive short-term travel programs are academically integrated experiences, carefully planned and administered by PLU faculty and Wang Center staff.  J-Term study away courses are Global Scholar Award eligible and students are encouraged to check out these external scholarship/funding resources.



  • January 2022: J-Term 2023 study away course offerings announced
  • Mid-February: Applications open for J-Term 2023 study away programs and Global Scholar Award
  • April 15: Application deadline for J-Term 2023 study away programs and Global Scholar Award
    (It is strongly recommended that students apply early)
  • May 6th: J-Term 2023 Decision Date
  • Late May: Global Scholar Award Decision Date
  • May 20th: J-Term 2023 Confirmation Deadline

Get to Know J-Term 2023 Courses

MUSI 101/395 (AR) | Music Centers of the World
BIOL 369 | Tropical Marine Biology
IHON 250SA | IHON-Oxford J-Term Program
HGST 387 or PSYC 387 | Psychology of Good and Evil

This program is still accepting applications!

PLUS 387 | Leading Lives that Matter—Exploring Vocation at Holden Village

This program is still accepting applications!

NURS 487/587/687 | Social Determinants of Health in Oaxaca: Understanding the Complexities

This program is still accepting applications!

ENGL 387 or SOCI 387 (SO) | Public Memory and Social Identity in Northern Ireland
GSRS 387 or SOCW 325 (C) | Social, Health and Educational Services in Tobago
HISP 201/202/301/401 (C) | Intensive Spanish and Culture in Uruguay (Tango add-on option)

This program is still accepting applications!


  • Students may only submit one J-Term study away program application
  • Within the application, applicants may list their 2nd or 3rd choice programs
  • If a student is not selected for their 1st choice program, a Wang Center staff member may contact the applicant before the May decision date. Instructions will be provided to the student for how they can revise and resubmit their application in order to receive consideration for their 2nd choice program
  • It is strongly recommended that students apply early!
  • Each program has a minimum and maximum capacity

Things to Know about Financing Your J-Term Study Away Experience

  • No tuition fee for J-Term study away courses
  • Program fees differ for each J-Term study away course based on the cost of travel to the site, what is included in the experience, and other factors. The Wang Center aims to keep J-Term study away program fees as low as possible.
  • Global Scholar Awards provide up to a 20% reduction of the final program fee or maximum of $1,000
  • Explore and apply for external study away scholarships – for example, students who are US citizens and receive a Pell Grant could be eligible to apply for the Gilman Scholarship.
  • Read over the J-Term 2023 Study Away Financial Planning Sheet

** Wang Center staff regularly assess the political situations at all PLU program sites in light of student safety and health so that you have a safe and productive educational experience while studying away. **

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