Why does the Wang Center require an application for study away participation?

This helps the Wang Center and/or program faculty leader understand your reasons for wanting to go abroad, goals, needs for your chosen program, and help determine if the program is the right fit for you at this time.

Who can apply for semester study away?

Sophomores, juniors, seniors in good standing

When do I apply?

Applications open in November. Apply by March 15th to study away in Fall, Spring, Academic Year, or Summer of the following year.

How do I apply?

PLU semester study away applications may include:

  1. Essays
  2. Course Preferences (preliminary) Depending on the program you apply for, you may be asked to select an academic track or indicate which courses you are most interested in taking during your semester study away program.
    NOTE: Final course registration may not occur until after students arrive at their study away program site.
  3. Faculty Recommendation (This is not a letter of recommendation; it’s a form that a faculty member fills out recommending you to study away. Reach out to a professor to ask if they are willing to be your recommender. If they say yes, you’d input their name and email in the study away application, and the recommendation form will be sent to them to complete.) The IHON-Oxford application requires 2 faculty recommendations.
  4. Professional Recommendation (Gateway programs only) This could be completed by a previous internship or job supervisor, for example. Get in touch with the Semester Program Manager if you have questions or concerns. The IHON-Oxford application does not require a professional recommendation.
  5. $50 Non-Refundable Application Fee (Charged to your student account)
  6. Advising Appointment

Be sure to…

  • Apply by the deadline! March 15th for any semester or summer program taking place in the following academic year
  • Apply through the program provider (Featured/Approved programs only. Apply through PLU first)

Where do I apply?

How likely is it that I will be accepted to my first choice study away program?

Semester Selection Criteria can be found below as well as here. Priority will also be given to students who are unable to study away later on (such as a senior who has not studied away before, for example.) Some programs have more availability and a higher possibility of acceptance than others. We strongly encourage applicants to consider listing an alternate or second choice program within their application. 

  • Gateway – Higher likelihood of acceptance, more capacity.
  • Featured – Moderate likelihood of acceptance, capacity varies.
  • Approved – Lower likelihood of acceptance, limited capacity.

Semester Selection Criteria

Acceptance to Featured and Approved semester study away programs may be limited by several factors. In cases where student demand exceeds capacity, the following criteria will be applied in determining the final selection. Students could be placed on a waitlist, with the possibility of later being accepted to the program.

Priority will be given to applicants:

  • Who submit strong applications (see below)
  • Who haven’t studied away for a semester before
  • For Semester rather than full Academic Year
  • Whose academic interests align with the program’s academic themes and opportunities
  • With Major/Minor that requires study away (Global Studies)
  • Of language immersion programs
  • For Gateway over Featured and Approved Semester programs

Qualities demonstrated by strong applicants:

  • Academic readiness
  • Academic fit (i.e. meets Major/Minor/Gen Ed or other personal or professional goals)
  • Motivation, intellectual curiosity, prior engagement with the site or program’s academic goals
  • Responsibility, maturity, patience, flexibility, humor, good judgement, empathy
  • Interpersonal skills, including sensitivity to others’ diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Desire to understand and engage with other cultures
  • Strong Faculty/Professional recommendations

Applicants must:

  • Be in good standing
  • Meet any additional program requirements, if any (such as a language level prerequisite, if applicable)
  • Fulfill GPA requirement (see below)

ProgramCumulative GPA RequirementProgramCumulative GPA Requirement
Chengdu, China2.7, 3.0 preferred IAU Aix-en-Provence, France2.5
Oaxaca, México2.7, 3.0 preferredCIEE Costa Rica2.5
Oslo, Norway2.7, 3.0 preferredCIEE Seoul, South Korea2.5
IHON-Oxford3.0SIT Study Abroad (select Featured programs)varies by program, check website
Bø/Vestfold, University of Southeastern Norway2.7, 3.0 preferredUniversity of Tasmania2.5
Trinidad & Tobago2.7, 3.0 preferredVictoria University of Wellington2.6
Windhoek, Namibia2.7, 3.0 preferredCYA Greece2.5
ILACA Granada, Spain2.7, 3.0 preferredUniversity of Aberdeen, Scotland3.0
GEO London, England2.5ILACA Monterrey, Mexico2.5
LCWS Washington, D.C.3.0
Approved Programs2.7 minimum, 3.0 strongly preferred(each approved program may also have their own GPA requirement)

Who can apply?

Admitted/deposited first-years, sophomores, juniors, seniors with a minimum GPA requirement by specific program

When should I apply?

By no later than April 15th for the following J-Term

How do I apply?

J-Term Applications Include: 

  • $50 Non-refundable Application Fee
  • J-Term Application Questions
  • Study Away Application Essays (2 required, 250 words each)
  • Signature Document: Clearance for Off-Campus Study & Authorization of Responsibility
  • Required Reading: PLU Need Based Scholarships are available
  • Faculty Recommendation (1 required)
    • Send to a faculty member of a previous study away program on which you participated, or to a professor who has taught you in a 3 or 4-credit course. DO NOT request a recommendation from a faculty who will be leading or who is the Program Director of the study away program you are applying for.
    • Notes on the Faculty Recommendation requirement:
      • PLU faculty preferred (excludes non-PLU students)
      • Exception for transfer students (community college instructors okay)
      • New students to PLU in their first term, may request a recommendation from high school teacher, community college instructor, or PLU Admission Counselor

Where do I apply?