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PLU offers a variety of study away program options to make this important component of a PLU education accessible to as many students as possible. Narrow your search by exploring your options by academic discipline, program features, location, duration and cost.

Consider how long you want to immerse yourself in another culture. Programs range from a week to a year, and everywhere in between.

In addition to meeting with a Study Away Advisor, discuss your plans with your academic advisors.

Use this map to search for programs by location. Be sure to research your destination as part of your program selection.

Important note: PLU offers study away programs all around the world, representing a variety of governments, laws, religious beliefs, cultural practices, and approaches to human rights. Our presence in a country is not an endorsement of policies and practices that we consider to be at odds with the values of PLU.  Rather, our fundamental mission is to educate for a just, healthy, sustainable, and peaceful world, both locally and globally. Engaging students in the complexity of critical global issues provides the opportunity for our students to learn responsible, respectful, and constructive international engagement.

In addition to discipline, location and duration, consider these program components as you research program options:

Of course study away is the best way to learn language, but fear not if you are not taking language – many programs offer coursework in English to make study away accessible.

Internships & Research
Study Away is an influential experience for your resume and job interviews. Many programs take that to the next level by offering internship, research or community engagement opportunities.

Housing options vary widely. Some offer homestay, dormitories, apartments, community living and more. When comparing similar programs, consider your priorities related to your living space.

Study Tours
Many programs include excursions and other cultural immersion opportunities as part of the program. Ideally these are related to the program topic, but sometimes there are just must-see places nearby. Some programs seem very affordable, but they may not include these types of experiences. Research what is included in the program.

Direct Enroll
Study Away programs vary. Some are designed for study abroad students in a particular discipline while others allow students to enroll directly to a university; often, programs are a hybrid of the two. Direct enroll programs are ideal for very independent students. These are often affordable options, but do not include a lot of the appealing program components that many study abroad programs provide.

As part of your program planning, be sure to complete your FAFSA & meet with your Student Financial Services counselor.

PLU Financial Aid, Gift Aid and Scholarships apply toward your PLU Semester Study Away program fees.

PLU Gateway and Featured programs cost the PLU Comprehensive Fee. This includes:

  • Tuition
  • Room
  • Meals
  • Study Tours
  • Visa
  • $750 flight credit
  • Emergency insurance
  • Carbon Onset

PLU Approved Programs cost the outside provider program fee plus a $1,500 administrative fee. Approved Programs costs vary based on what is included in the program. Some include meals and study tours, others do not. The flight is an out-of-pocket expense. At a minimum, the Approved Program fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • Room
  • Emergency insurance
  • Carbon Onset

The J-Term Study Away program fee is based on the cost of airfare, housing accommodations, some meals, local transportation, study tours, entrance fees, and other program components. There is no additional tuition charge for the 4-credits earned on a J-Term Study Away program since J-Term tuition is included in PLU’s comprehensive fee. Costs vary widely due to program location and features.

Similar to the PLU Approved Semester programs, PLU Summer Approved Programs cost the outside provider program fee plus a $200 administrative fee. This administrative fee allows students to access student loans (if eligible) and earn PLU credit (as opposed to transfer credit). The flight is an out-of-pocket expense.

PLU Gateway, Featured and PLU J-Term Study Away programs are PLU Global Scholar Award eligible. This is a financial need-based award that reduces the J-Term fee up to $1,000 and provides up to $2,500 for Semester out-of-pocket expenses.

Students participating on PLU Approved Semester program should apply for their program’s scholarships. Many of them offer a variety of need and merit-based awards.

There are a lot of other study abroad scholarships available, especially for longer-term experiences.

All application materials must be submitted to the Wang Center for approval (including Approved Programs). Check with your study away advisor for application requirements and materials.


Oxford Fall 2019 or Spring 2020: March 1, 2019
Summer 2019, Fall 2019 and Full Year 19-20: March 15, 2019
J-Term 2020: April 15, 2019
Spring 2020: May 1, 2019

Apply Online
Navigate to your program of choice using the Program Finder. Click “apply” for that program. PLU students will login with their ePass.

Prepare - Sojourn - Reflect

All participants in off-campus programs serve as ambassadors of both the United States and PLU.  Therefore, to promote good will and to best ensure positive and safe learning experiences, university policies and guidelines apply to faculty, staff, students, and other community members who participate in off-campus programs. The resources below will help you prepare for study away before, during and after your experience away.

All PLU Study Away students are required to participate in Wang Center and program-specific Pre-Departure Orientations. In addition to essential cultural preparation, orientation information, both online and verbal, contains information for faculty, staff, and students about health and safety issues related to international and off-campus travel.  Adherence to this information, along with appropriate behavior, caution, and common sense, can prevent many crisis situations. Wang Center required forms are provided and submitted via the online study away profile below.

Decisions regarding program itineraries are made based on information from the U.S. Department of State, Center for Disease Control, on-site coordinators, and other informed contacts.  The Wang Center and PLU are prepared to make changes on short notice should a situation arise in any location which causes serious concern.

PLU enrolls study away students in STEP with the US Department of State. Review the US Department of State Student Travel Tips.


Meet with a Study Away Advisor to learn more specifics about the programs you have researched.

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