PLU Vision for Global Education

Educating to achieve a just, healthy, sustainable and peaceful world, both locally and globally. (2003 Strategic Plan for Global Education)

The Mission of the Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education

Working collaboratively with academic units and disciplines of Pacific Lutheran University, the Wang Center is dedicated to supporting faculty, students and staff with the resources necessary to advance PLU’s distinction and vision for global education of “educating to achieve a just, healthy, sustainable and peaceful world” through faculty development and grant opportunities, delivery of study away programs, on-campus programming on pressing world issues, and a commitment to best practices when engaging with education partners, both locally and globally.

Wang Center Commitments

The Wang Center is committed to developing programs that are:

ALIGNED with PLU Mission
INTEGRATED with curriculum and university systems
RESPONSIVE to academic, professional and personal goals and needs
ACCESSIBLE to students of all financial backgrounds
SUSTAINABLE travel through educational carbon mitigation practices
INCLUSIVE programs provide immersion experiences for all students