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A Vision for the Future

Educating to achieve a just, healthy, sustainable and peaceful world, both locally and globally.

Pacific Lutheran University is poised to achieve even greater distinction in international education through the combined efforts of the Wang Center, the Global Education Committee (GEC) and a broad array of schools and departments.

PLU is dedicated to expand participation in the International Honors Program and to infuse required and major courses with international material.

Targets will be set and achieved in expanding the participation of PLU students in study away programs. The goal is to provide students in all majors with the opportunity to participate in at least one study away experience that enhances their understanding of other cultures or languages.

PLU will enhance and expand university-sponsored study away programs and more fully integrate on-campus study with these programs and those study away opportunities offered in collaboration with other institutions.

Special opportunities for students returning from study away will be created and enhanced so that they can formally and informally share what they have learned with others on campus and participate in community projects related to their international study.

The Mission of the Wang Center for Global Education:

  • Support and strengthen the university’s internationally-focused academic programs.
  • Coordinate and advance the university’s study away offerings, expanding student opportunities and participation.
  • Offer public education including symposia and publications.
  • Promote and leverage the university’s global and intercultural distinctions through partnerships, community outreach, consortia, and grant activities.
  • Grow into a dynamic research institute bringing faculty and students together for the exploration of global issues and peacemaking.