International Scholars and Visitors

Pacific Lutheran University is committed to fostering a global learning environment not only through its study away programs, but also through its diverse faculty, staff, and scholar population.

The Wang Center provides immigration assistance and information regarding government regulations to both visiting scholars and PLU departments.

The menu below provides information on visa sponsorship procedures and relevant nonimmigrant categories.

For international visiting professors, scholars, short-term scholars, and researchers, PLU sponsors J-1 Visas. The H-1B Visa is appropriate for tenure-track faculty at PLU (however, for the 2018-2019 faculty searches, PLU will not be sponsoring H-1B visas). TN Status is available for Canadian and Mexican workers applying for a professional level job under NAFTA. F-1 Students with Optional Practical Training (OPT) status are eligible to work at PLU with proper documentation.

Please review the following document regarding payment/honoraria procedures and tax implications for international visitors. Employees of PLU must apply for a Social Security Number before the employment start date. Visitors not eligible for a Social Security Number, but receiving payment or honoraria must apply for an ITIN upon arrival. International visitors should be prepared to register with the Glacier Tax Compliance System before or upon arrival to PLU. Please contact Gemma Dulay ( with any questions.

Are you interested in joining the PLU community as a Visiting Scholar? Browse through PLU’s academic departments to see which department would be a good fit for your proposed purpose. Apply today! Contact the Wang Center if you have any questions.

Affirming PLU’s commitment to educational partnerships, the Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education in collaboration with PLU’s Alumni and Student Connections has initiated a two-year project to support collaborative opportunities with PLU Education Alumni and Namibian educators. The Ukumwe (togetherness) Pilot Fund aims to maintain established partnerships, enhance educational practices, and build collaborative exchanges among individuals, schools, and educational organizations.

Namibian teachers find more information and application link at

PLU Alumni U.S. teachers find more information at

One of the Namibian delegation members standing by a PLU flag on campus