2010 International Symposium

Understanding the World Through Sports and Recreation

As early as the 1920s, journalists described sports in America as an obsession. But of course the United States is not alone in being captivated by its ever-increasing international appeal.

The symposium “Understanding the World Through Sports and Recreation” will explore the impact of sports and consider the ways in which sports and recreation both contribute to, and can be used to understand, the complexities of today’s world. The symposium will occur following the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and prior to the 2010 Paralympic Games, both in Vancouver, B.C.

The overarching goal of PLU’s biennial international symposiums is to stimulate serious thinking about contemporary issues and to provide a forum for the campus community and the broader Puget Sound community to engage individuals of international, national and local stature – from scholars and authors to business people and hands-on practitioners.
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