Short-Term Course Proposal

Lead a Short-Term Study Away Program

Short-term, faculty-led study away programs are intensive academic experiences initiated, organized and carried out by members of the PLU faculty, with assistance from the Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education. Short-term programs are taught both overseas and domestically depending on the course subject matter and will often combine some class time on campus with off-campus study depending on the course design.

Applications for J-Term 2026 course proposals will open in August 2024.

J-Term 2026 Course Proposal Deadline: October 15, 2024

To begin drafting your course proposal in advance, please reference the following application materials:

Short-term study away programs must satisfy a General Education, FYEP, or IHON requirement, or provide departmental or program credit towards a major or a minor. In terms of student demand, most PLU students study away on short-term courses offered during J-Term.

While summer session courses have been offered in the past, enrolling these has been challenging due to limits on financial aid and our students’ need to work. Offering a short-term study away course requires submission of a proposal and a positive recommendation by the Global Education Committee prior to the Provost’s final approval.