FOAP Account

Student clubs are entitled to the creation of a FOAP Banner Account. The account will have a fund number XXXXXX, followed by an organization number XXXX, with sub accounts XXXX appended to the end of the number. Funds roll over year to year. As of fall 2021, fully registered clubs will be funded by the Student Activities and Resource Fee for a certain amount depending on time of registration during the academic year. All other funds must be raised by the individual club/organization. Clubs may not spend funding that does not exist in the account at the time of purchase.

Oversight of these accounts will rest primarily with the Treasurer, or other assigned club officer, in conjunction with the Office for Student Engagement.

Club President and Treasurer will be instructed on how to properly use funding during the training at the beginning of each academic year. The Office for Student Engagement is the Financial Manager for all student club accounts. Should a club need to spend money from their account, the club Treasurer will work in conjunction with the Office for Student Engagement for signatures on reimbursements, cash advances, and/or check request forms. Be aware that expenditures may take a few weeks to reflect in the club account depending on processing times. Be sure to keep an accurate count of the amount of money that a club has and has spent.

Please confirm any financial paperwork with the Student Engagement office. This includes purchasing card use and reimbursement requests. The office will work to review and approve the request and will then notify the club member that the paperwork may be picked up and taken to the Business Office for reimbursement. Please see the section entitled “How to Access Funds” for more information.