Hospitality Services Reservation Procedure

  1. Space and room reservations of any campus facilities will be accepted from recognized and approved student clubs/organizations up to one year prior to the event date. You cannot hold tentative space until you have been recognized and approved for the upcoming year. All reservations remain tentative, and, therefore, subject to cancellation, until necessary approvals are obtained and complete setup information is provided.
  2. Reservations can be made using EMS, accessed on the Hospitality Services webpage. When making a reservation and requesting posting to the PLU calendar by contacting Student Engagement, it is extremely helpful and important to add an event description (a brief summary of the event) into your request in order to approve requests and to help promote your event to the appropriate audiences. Stipulations have been put into place by Conferences and Events to ensure proper time is scheduled for event planning requests:
    • Club/Organization meetings: 4 business days before use
    • Minor events, typically less than 30 attendees: 1 month prior to event
    • Major events, typically 100+ attendees, requiring multiple locations: 6 months prior to event
    • Food service required: Two weeks before use
    • Technical equipment or personnel required: 15 working days before use
    • Security personnel required: 10 working days before use, must contact Campus Safety. There is a cost associated with having extra security at an event
  1. Space requests submitted through EMS will require approval by Conferences and Events, Student Engagement, and any applicable owners of a particular space. Conferences and Events approval relates specifically to space availability and suitability for event type. Student Engagement will not approve space requests until an Event Planning Form has been submitted for an event.
  2. Specific space and room assignments shall be made at the discretion of Conferences and Events, who reserves the right to make changes to a reservation, such as a room adjustment, to accommodate the greatest number of organizations. Notice will be provided to sponsors and their guests.
  3. The sponsoring group agrees to cancel reservations when possible if plans are changed so that the space will be available for other groups. Repeated cancellations or no-show scenarios may result in disciplinary action for a club/organization.