Requirements for Officers

The officers of all student clubs/organizations must be in good standing (not on academic or disciplinary probation) at the time of their election or appointment and throughout their terms of office. Student Engagement will check the status of each student who runs for office.

Student clubs/organizations that have additional requirements aside from good academic standing (for example, honor societies) are responsible for ensuring that officers comply with grade requirements for club and organization officers (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, etc.). This authority and responsibility shall reside with the officers of that club/organization in conjunction with their advisor. In instances of dispute, the decision-making authority and responsibility rests with Student Engagement.

Student clubs/organizations are responsible for signing up for a PLU club email account. This form can be found on the Clubs webpage under Documents and Forms: Starting a Club – “Request Google Group Account for Club/Organization”. This Google Group will serve as the main source of communication between the Office for Student Engagement and a student club/organization. By creating a club/organization PLU email account a club/organization is also creating a shared space that will allow for email communication to be saved year to year as officers turnover.