Event Planning Form

The Event Planning Form is required for all clubs/organizations looking to put on an event that includes any aspect outside of a member-only meeting. This form allows Student Engagement to maintain a working knowledge of what events are happening on campus and ensures that clubs are made aware of any additional requirements necessary to sponsor this event. If you are unsure whether or not to submit an Event Planning Form, we advise submitting one just-in-case to ensure Student Engagement knows of your event.

The following events require the completion of the Event Planning Form:

    • Any event open to the general PLU community
    • Any event that includes fundraising, including tabling in the AUC
    • Club meetings that include a speaker that is not a part of the PLU community
    • Any off-campus travel for any length of time

The only events that are exempt from the Event Planning Form are regular club meetings and officer-only meetings.