Annual Checklist for Club Leaders



  • Complete the virtual advisor agreement
    available through club registration (if not
    completed in May)
  • Assess club financial standing and write a
  • Re-register your club for the coming academic
    year by submitting the appropriate form to
    Student Engagement (if not completed in May)


  • Recruit new members at the Engagement Fair,
    held during the second week of classes
  • Complete mandatory club leader training.
  • Hold a meeting of club leaders and advisors to
    discuss and evaluate goals for the academic
    year, in-person or online as possible
  • Agree on a regular meeting time and reserve a
    meeting space for the semester, or prepare a
    virtual meeting space
  • Inform your club members of meeting times
  • Begin planning any events for the fall semester
    and reserve space


  • Reassess Club budget for the academic year
  • Continue to keep your advisor informed
  • Be on the lookout for prospective members


  • Continue regular contact with advisor
  • Begin planning events for spring semester
  • Plan end of the semester activities



  • Reserve regular meeting space for Spring
  • Meet if enough members present for J-term
  • Plan events for the Spring semester



  • Recruit new members
  • Evaluate goals set at the beginning of the year
  • Meet with advisor
  • Set dates for Spring semester events
  • Attend Spring Engagement Fair, held in early Spring Semester


  • Begin the election process for new club leaders
  • Review and update constitution/bylaws
  • Continue work on spring semester
    goals/activities and update advisor
  • Submit nominations for Student Life Celebration of Leadership Awards
  • Begin creating transitional documents to assist
    new club leaders in beginning their terms


  • Register your organization for the next
    academic year
  • Attend and consider hosting end-of-year celebrations
  • Hold elections and plan club leader transition
  • Ensure all accounts are settled and your club is
    not in debt
  • Review year’s successes, accomplishments,
    and failures
  • Ask advisor to be involved with club leader transition
  • Recognize organization members’ participation
  • Pass on club documents and transitional
    materials prepared by out-going club leaders
  • Establish summer contacts and address list


  • Stay in contact with organization members
  • Ensure advisor is available to maintain
    advisorship in the coming academic year
  • Check Clubs website to ensure club description
    is still accurate
  • Make marketing/recruitment plans for Fall
  • Register and prepare for the Fall Engagement
    Fair when information is shared