Organization Advisers

Each recognized student organization is required to have an advisor who is a full-time member of the University faculty or staff. If a group does not have an advisor, Student Engagement can assist the group in finding one. In the event a club is affiliated with an external organization, and has an advisor through that organization, it is still required to have a full-time PLU faculty or staff member as the lead advisor.


    • An advisor assists the organization to function in accordance with its stated purposes and is familiar with the events and activities sponsored by the organization.
    • An advisor provides advice and counsel by sharing expertise, insights and ideas, and making recommendations when appropriate.
    • An advisor assists in the development of leadership skills among members.
    • An advisor gives counsel on financial and administrative matters relating to the organization.
    • An advisor helps prevent any violations of University, community, or state regulations.
    • An advisor may assist in communication between the club and the University
    • An advisor is recommended to periodically attend club meetings
    • An advisor should monitor club travel