Responsibilities of Student Organizations

The officers and members of student clubs/organizations are responsible for conducting their activities in accordance with the rules of the University, as well as with the purposes and procedures stated in their approved constitution.

  1. The officers and members are responsible for observing all laws and regulations governing the various activities of the group. The University does not authorize, protect, defend, or assume responsibility for violations of public or private rights by students or student groups. Regardless of any civil or criminal action which may be taken against students or student groups by reason of irresponsible conduct, such conduct, on or off campus, may subject the student or group to University disciplinary proceedings. Student club/organization members and officers should be aware that the organization and officers may be held responsible for injury or loss to others arising from their operations and activities. Therefore, officers and members should consider whether they need liability insurance to protect the organization, its members, or officers. Clubs/Organizations should check with national chapters and their associations to see if plans are available to them.
  2. The officers and members are responsible for registering the club/organization annually and maintaining their good standing as an officially recognized PLU student club/organization by completing the registration process on the Clubs website every spring and following all applicable rules, regulations, and procedures. It is required that student clubs/organizations maintain at least 10 active members in order to ensure the continuity of the group. Club/Organization presidents are required to attend training each Fall. The officer who oversees finances of a club/organization is required to attend.
  3. The officers and members are responsible for informing Student Engagement of any changes in officers and/or a change in advisor. NOTE: Failing to register for two consecutive academic years will result in withdrawal of recognition and the organization will be required to resubmit a Petition for Formal Recognition and a constitution to Student Engagement for approval.
  4. The officers and members are responsible for submitting a constitution to Student Engagement every year for review and revision . Constitutions must include all information required by the Model Constitution provided by Student Engagement. Any changes in a student clubs/organization’s constitution are to be authorized by Student Engagement.
  5. The officers and members are responsible for submitting an Advisor Agreement to Student Engagement every year.

Only officially recognized and currently registered student clubs/organizations are authorized to use University facilities or services, or permitted to identify themselves directly or indirectly with the University’s name or credit. Note that this regulation is not intended as a restriction upon the right of students to organize, but it is necessary in order to protect the proprietary name, credit, and facilities of the University. Student clubs/organizations do not officially represent the University but are considered independent entities that are eligible for benefits and privileges of recognition.

In some instances, Student Engagement may deem it necessary to review a club/organization’s recognized status, operations, and procedures. Under such conditions, Student Engagement reserves the right to remove a clubs/organization’s recognized status with the University. PLU reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate with respect to any actions or activities undertaken by any student club/organization.