Days and Hours of Student Activities

The days and hours of student activities directly pertain to the availability of space on campus (e.g., AUC room, facilities, classrooms, and grounds). Rooms within the Anderson University Center are available on a first-come, first-serve basis via Hospitality Services. Other spaces around campus are also available for reservation; however, such spaces may require special permissions based on other departments. For example, the CAVE can be reserved through Conferences and Events; however, Commuter Services have prioritized scheduling. Conferences and Events can assist you in contacting appropriate individuals to reserve spaces throughout campus. All activities on campus must conform to the regular closing hours of the building or area. If necessary, permission for use of a building or room or area outside of its regularly scheduled hours may be arranged for a special event through Conferences and Events in conjunction with Campus Safety. In such cases, Conferences and Events will make proper arrangements with both the club/organization sponsoring the event and the particular department of the University that is responsible for the use of the building. Additional charges may be incurred by the club/organization in order to use facilities beyond posted hours.

During final examinations, group activities are not encouraged, however, they are not expressly prohibited. Stress-management or mitigation events are well suited to occur during this timeframe and may be held only under the
following provisions:

    • Activities may be held only on campus
    • No activities may be held in residence halls