Advertising and Publicity Policies

Various types of posting areas and bulletin boards are provided throughout the PLU campus to provide information to students, faculty and staff. Student Engagement must stamp all posted materials for approval. This stamp is certification that the sponsoring organization has met the following applicable conditions established by Student Engagement. Authorization may be refused if one or more of these conditions have not been met. This authorization is neither an endorsement of the activities nor of the subjective quality of the publicity, but rather allows the sponsoring organization to publicize events in accordance with these procedures.

When posting in any area, local regulations supersede those set by Student Engagement. It is the responsibility of the organization initiating the publicity to comply with such regulations. Students wishing to post advertisements and notices in buildings other than in the AUC facilities are urged to check with the appropriate college or departmental secretaries or building supervisors for rules governing posting in that building or area.


    • The full name of the sponsoring organization
    • Contact information for the event, email or phone number is acceptable
    • The time, date and place of the event
    • Any entrance fees or costs to participate

Note: For all dances and concerts the following must be on the publicity and tickets: Non-student guests must be a minimum 18 years of age with proper identification.

Only officially recognized PLU student organizations may advertise functions or activities within the campus area. Occasionally, when the interest to PLU students would be great, small notices, either commercial or from other universities, may be posted if sponsored by a PLU club or organization. Events being hosted by student organizations must be approved through the Event Planning Form before advertising will be approved.

Any organization failing to comply with these policies and procedures may lose their posting privileges as well as other privileges for a stated period of time.

    • Posters must be removed within 24 hours of the completion of the event.
    • Activities which are open to members and non-members of the organization may be publicized through general advertising media. However, notification of a meeting or event that is only open to organization members should be made internally via email or similar method.
    • Flyers and posters must be confined to bulletin boards and designated posting areas, such as Impact bulletin boards (with Impact approval), AUC cork boards, or other building-specific posting areas (with prior approval). Posting on walls, windows, doors, sidewalks, fences, buildings and grounds is strictly prohibited and all publicity placed there, with or without an approval stamp, will be removed. There may be only one poster or flyer publicizing a given activity on a bulletin board.
    • The maximum allowable size for posters on Impact bulletin boards is 11 x 17 inches. Student Engagement may grant special consideration for special events that may require larger posters. Butcher paper posters may be up to 36” x 36″.
    • No posters or other forms of publicity will be approved advertising or implying the sale or use of alcoholic beverages (i.e. pub crawls, drink specials, happy hours).
    • Table toppers may be posted within the AUC Commons in conjunction with Impact and Hospitality Services & Campus Restaurants. Contact Impact for more details.

Mast Media

Mast Media charges for actual advertisements, but sometimes a well written press release with a good amount of advanced warning will encourage one of the reporters to cover your event. Though you pay for advertising, having them write an article is FREE!

AUC Cork Boards

Three cork boards located in the AUC are open for use by clubs using either butcher paper or traditional advertising. All advertisements still must be stamped by Student Engagement. Please DO NOT use staples on these boards. Tacks and pushpins only.

University Calendar

If you would like your event posted on the PLU University Event Calendar, go to and register your event using 25Live.

Die-Cut Policy

This machine is hand operated and is used to produce multiple copies of precision cut letters and shapes using commercially-produced dies. This machine is primarily for student club/organization use. Please email to set up a time to use the machine.

Any damage to the machine caused by negligence will be the responsibility of the user. Instructions on proper use will be posted.