Sponsorship of Religious Activities

In addition to policies and procedures for Sponsorship of Visiting Speakers and Public Performances and for Distribution of Literature, student clubs/organizations are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations established by PLU’s Campus Ministry Office.

All registered student club/organization events must be congruent with the policies, objectives, and mission of the University. It is expected that events will be registered in accordance with the guidelines as stated in the Clubs and Orgs Handbook and that an Event Planning Form will be submitted for all events. Religious activities sponsored by student clubs/organizations that should be registered include but are not limited to : worship or religious services, Bible studies, witness talks, spiritual retreats, and other off campus activities. The University has final discretion in decisions regarding the sponsorship of religious activities. When these decisions involve student clubs/organizations they are made by the Student Engagement in consultation with Campus Ministry and other University officials as appropriate.

All faith-based clubs and organizations on campus are approved annually by the Campus Ministry Council, a group of student leaders, the University Pastor, the Vice President of Student Life, and several faculty members. Multiple expressions of Christianity and expressions of other religious backgrounds are present at PLU, and all have an opportunity to coexist, work together and share our faith with one another in a positive environment.