Transportation Options available to Clubs

There are multiple ways for your club/organization to participate in off-campus events that involve traveling a distance greater than is possible without use of a vehicle. Individuals seeking to use fleet or rented vehicles (12-passenger vans)
must be certified through Campus Safety ( Available options include:

    • PLU-owned 12-passenger vehicles can be rented through Campus Safety
    • 12-passenger vans can be rented from Enterprise through Campus Safety
    • Public transportation is strongly encouraged where applicable

Students/advisors are not allowed to organize carpools as the safety of the vehicle, driver, and/or other factors are outside of the University’s control.

Air Transportation

Air transportation may be reserved through a travel agent or via the internet. Care should be taken to ensure that the best pricing for travel arrangements is realized regardless of the method. We encourage you to use a PLU purchasing card, through Student Engagement, when making your travel arrangements. However, if you prefer, you may use your personal credit card.

All domestic and foreign travel should be booked in the least expensive class. You may be asked to provide an explanation should you book airfare that costs more than coach fare.

To maximize discount fare possibilities, air travel arrangements should be made as far in advance of the travel date as possible.

When traveling to the same event, the university recommends that no more than two officers of the university or two staff from any single department fly on the same plane.