How to Access Funds

A club can access their funds in multiple ways. All forms are available on the Business Office website at as well as the Clubs website at Club funds may not be spend on alcohol, drugs, gambling, or other items that violate PLU’s Student Code of Conduct or local and federal law. If you have any questions about how to fill these forms out, contact the Office for Student

Account Charge

Impact and Hospitality Services are the only offices that may charge directly to a club account. If making a purchase at a campus dining facility, ask for an interdepartmental charge slip and be prepared to write down your club FOAP account number. If you are unsure of your number, contact Student Engagement.

Cash Advance Form

A club member may request up to $75.00 in cash for club-related event expenses. This form must be signed by the Financial Manager in the Office for Student Engagement. The recipient of the money is responsible to purchase necessary items, collect an itemized receipt, and bring exact change to the Student Engagement Programs Assistant within 7 days. The amount spent will be charged to the club account.

Cash Reimbursement Form

Purchases made by a club member that total under $75.00 can be charged to a club account using a Cash Reimbursement Form. An itemized receipt is required. If food was purchased and/or served, please be prepared to
provide a list of participants. If you are hosting a large event, that is open to the public, please make a note of that on the form.

Cash Reimbursement forms can be found in the clubhouse or the office for Student Engagement. Once complete, please submit your form to the Student Engagement Programs Assistant for review. You will receive an email notifying you when your form has been approved. Please allow 3-5 days for review/approval process. You must pick up your form within 2 weeks of notification. After retrieving your form, you may take it to the Cashier in the business office (Admin 110) for payment.

Reimbursement Forms must be taken to the Cashier within the same fiscal year as approved purchase.

Check Request Form

For transaction over $75.00 a Check Request Form must be submitted for reimbursement or payment. For a reimbursement an original, itemized receipts must be attached. To have a check cut for a performer or service provider, a detailed invoice must be attached prior to submission to the Business Office. Note: Checks are only cut on Fridays and typically take two (2) weeks to process. These requests should be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to when the funds are required.

Credit Card Purchases

For large purchases that can be completed over the phone or online, such as plane tickets, furniture, or other large supplies, please contact Student Engagement for assistance.