Policies and Procedures for Working with Minors

In addition to the general requirements for registering student organization activities, some student organization activities involving minors (those under the age of eighteen) will be subject to additional requirements.

It is expected that all activities including minors will be registered and approved using the Event Planning Form in place for all student organization activities. These events must be registered at least sixty days prior to the first scheduled activity. Organizations must indicate on the Event Planning Form if minors will be physically present and participating. If minors are physically present and participating in activities (1) on the PLU campus, or (2) in activities that are under the authority or direction of the student organization (regardless of location), the organization will need to complete a number of additional steps as outlined below. Events/activities will be reviewed and approved by Student Engagement and the Director of Risk Management and Insurance. Events/activities will not be approved and individuals are not permitted to participate in activities that involve direct interaction with minors until background checks have been conducted and required training is completed.

Background Check

A background check will be required of each PLU University student participant prior to his or his direct participation with minors in a program or activity. It is the responsibility of the student organization member coordinating the activity to assure that each participating PLU University student participant has submitted the required background check request form (found under Documents and Forms on the Clubs webpage) and has subsequently received clearance to participate.


Each PLU University student participant who will be interacting with minors in such a program or activity must review and become familiar with the “Reporting Abuse or Neglect of a Child” section of the PLU Human Resources Policies (https://www.plu.edu/personnel-manual/general-human-resources-policies/reporting-abuse-or-neglect-of-a-child/. Any suspected abuse must be reported to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources.