Hazing Policy

It is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct for a student or student organization to participate in hazing or harassment which includes any act of initiation (committed by a person, whether individually or in concert with others) into a student organization, athletic team or living group, or any pastime or amusement engaged in with respect to that organization or group with or without the consent of the participant(s), which:

  1. Causes, or is likely to cause, bodily danger or physical harm, or serious mental, emotional or psychological harm to any student or other person; or
  2. May abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass, ridicule, intimidate or endanger them, or which may in any fashion compromise their inherent dignity as a person; or
  3. Subjects a student or other person to conduct or conditions which a reasonable person in the circumstances would find harmful, including but not limited to
    • excessive mental or physical discomfort
    • alcohol or drug abuse
    • physical confinement
    • abandonment
    • verbal or physical abuse, or
    • substantial interference with the person’s educational pursuits; or

Otherwise involves a violation of a law or University policy or which encourages a student or other person to violate a law or University policy, including but not limited to the “Student Code of Conduct”, “Alcohol and Drug Policy”, and “Sexual Harassment Policy”.