Contracting Performers

It is not uncommon for PLU to enter into contractual agreements with performers, musicians, speakers, and the like. When negotiating contracts with these groups, be sure to keep in mind the following:

    • Make sure all business terms are spelled correctly and used appropriately
    • Make sure both parties’ responsibilities are spelled out clearly
    • Make certain you are able to do everything for which you are responsible
    • Make sure there are no terms included which you do not understand – ask questions!
    • Make sure both parties’ obligations are fair (for example, both parties are required to carry insurance, not just one)
    • Make sure ALL important terms are contained within the contract (not in a verbal agreement). If the other party fails to include all verbal terms in a written contract, walk away!
    • In the state of Washington, verbal agreements made over the phone or in other correspondence may still be legally binding. Ensure all communication is as clear as possible and avoid making statement that are based on speculation (i.e. “I think we can offer $10,000”)
    • Any visiting performer and their guests must adhere to all PLU policies while they are on campus, particularly related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

Contracts can be confusing, but as with everything, Student Engagement is here to help. Contracts should be submitted to the Office for Student Engagement for review. Student Engagement will work in collaboration with the Office of Finance and Administration and other University Officials as appropriate in accordance with PLU’s Contract Guidelines. If you have questions about contracts, please don’t hesitate to stop in or call (253) 535-7200.