Policies and Procedures for the Distribution of Literature, the Sponsorship of Visiting Speakers and Public Performances, and the Screening of Films

As an institution founded on the tenets of Lutheran Higher Education, the University encourages its student organizations to contribute to the role of the University as a forum for intellectual discussion, diversity of thought, debate, investigation, and/or artistic expression.

The University has final discretion in decisions regarding the distribution of literature, the sponsorship of visiting speakers and public performances, and the screening of films that utilize University facilities or resources. In keeping with the intellectual imperative of the University and the instructive value of dialogue, educational or artistic merit and inclusion of multiple perspectives will be the normative basis for decisions. The use of the University as a forum, however, in no way implies University approval or endorsement of the views expressed by material distributed, by a speaker, in a public performance, in a film, or through other communication mediums.

Distribution of Non-Academic Literature

The University provides for the distribution of literature created by outside organizations. This includes pamphlets, papers, and stickers provided by a non-PLU organization that will be distributed by members of a PLU student group. The following guidelines apply:

    • Only members of a registered student club/organization may distribute literature
    • The literature shall clearly identify the student club/organization responsible for the literature
    • In order to gain approval, the following information must be provided to the Student Engagement no less than five (5) working days in advance of the planned distribution:
      • Copy of the material(s) to be distributed
      • Proposed facilities to be used for distribution
      • The time(s) and date(s) of distribution
      • The manner of distribution
    • The material must be distributed according to all other University policies, including the policy on solicitation as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct

Speakers, Films, Concerts, and Other Public Performances

Visiting speakers, films, videotapes, concerts, comedians, and other public performances must be registered and approved by Student Engagement by filling out an Event Planning Form at least 4 weeks prior to the date requested for the event. The Event Planning Form is available on the Clubs website. When hosting a speaker on campus, student organizations must provide a brief description of the topic that will be covered by the speaker. All films require a catalog summary that includes the company name through which the film is being obtained.

DVD/Video Copyright Law Guidelines

In light of the availability of feature-length films on DVD and streaming websites and the proliferation of DVD players and laptops, student groups are advised to be aware that federal copyright laws restrict the use of films (including digital versions such as DVD, Blu-Ray, or streaming media) to private showings and prohibit their public performance without prior written consent of the holder of the copyright. All films require the company name through which the film is being obtained. Films that qualify for public showings are covered by the above policy for speakers, films, concerts and other public performances.

For details refer to “Copyright Law – Senate Report No. 94-473, page 60”