Residential Students – Please contact your RA’s and/or CD’s in your respective halls for submitting work order requests.

Commuter Students – Please contact a Faculty member and/or a Building representative for submitting work order requests.

Cleaning Services

We have a staff of about 32 custodians providing 24/7 service to all of campus to ensure the best service is provided for sanitation and to provide a clean healthy environment to learn and work in. For questions or concerns about cleaning in your area, contact the Facilities office.

Our Custodial Team has four shifts that provide routine and emergency service 24/7 to our Campus Community. We clean and sanitize all public restrooms and Common areas on campus daily; collect all waste and dispose of it using the most sustainable methods available, (i.e. recycling, composting, donating, landfill); vacuum and dust weekly, (sometimes more), to maintain healthy air quality and cleanliness; and clean and sanitize all other areas of campus. If it needs to be cleaned, we do it!

Our Floor Care Team handles all of the routine carpet cleaning and floor maintenance providing timely response to spills and keeping our classrooms, working spaces and living areas looking good. Todd, Peter and Steven make up our team of Floor Care Technicians.

Our Waste Diversion Team gathers and sorts all of the recycling on campus as well as collecting items no longer in use to donate to charity or add to PLU’s Surplus Store. You can read about them on the Waste Diversion portion of the website.
Together we strive to create a Sustainably Clean and Healthy environment for our PLU Community.


  1. How often is my garbage emptied? Common area garbage and recycle bins are emptied daily Monday-Friday. Private office garbage bins are emptied once a week. Custodial staff do not empty private office recycling.
  2. How often are restrooms cleaned? Common area restrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at least once every 24 hours.
  3. How Frequently do my carpets get cleaned? Classroom carpets are done at least once each semester. Common area carpets as well. Office carpets are cleaned when the office is unoccupied or when a work order is submitted.