Residential Students – Please contact your RA’s and/or CD’s in your respective halls for submitting work order requests.

Commuter Students – Please contact a Faculty member and/or a Building representative for submitting work order requests.

Maintenance Services

Did you know that there are 42 buildings on campus? Our maintenance crew is here to help! It manages all the exterior and interior repairs, basic maintenance, safety-related maintenance, and distribution and maintenance of utilities.

Our crew strives to adhere to the following maintenance mottos:


Evaluate new products and procedures, using all of our resources to provide the tools and training necessary to make everyone’s job easier and more efficient. In addition we develop facility infrastructure systems to meet future needs. We plan and incorporate new ideas and adopt new technologies whenever they improve the quality of what we do and expand our service capabilities.


We will interact with all our staff in evaluating all the information made available to us through vendors and other sources to determine if the information will benefit the quality of the work we perform and increase our service capabilities. When it has been determined that the department and university will benefit from these changes the training and tools necessary to carry out these changes will be implemented and the university will be advised through communication from this department.