One-Stop Access Service

Access for You

If you need access to your office, building or other space, speak with your Designated Office Access Requestor, or DOAR. These are employees designated by each unit head to request access for their unit’s employees. After your DOAR has requested access for you, Access personnel will seek the appropriate approvals and communicate with you by email. We’ll let you know how to use your access (card, key, Campus Safety Admit) and when it will be ready.

If your access requires keys, pick them up at Campus Safety after you have received an email from the Access Dept indicating keys are ready for pick up. Campus Safety is conveniently open 24/7.

If you don’t already have a LuteCard, get it at the Concierge Desk in Anderson University Center.

Lock Boxes Available for storage of keys. Please contact Access for details.

Access for Others (Classes or Visitors)

Do you have a class needing access to rooms or buildings?

Enter the class CRN and the access required on the online request form. No need for lists of names and IDs. We’ll arrange and confirm access information with you and each student by email.

Keys for Students (Academic and Employment)

Keys for students are requested by DOARs as above. All Student Access Holders pick up and return keys held by them to Access Dept at Campus Safety. Student Access Holders are financially responsible for keys not returned to the Access Dept by due date.

New Employees (Request Access in Advance of Start Date)

Access can be requested as soon as an employee is issued a PLU ID number. Employee’s DOAR can submit an access request in advance of start date using this ID number. Give us seven days and keys and applicable specialized access levels will be ready on the employee’s first day of work.

Contact Campus Concierge for LuteCards.

Request Access

Report a Lost Key

Report a Lost Card