Pacific Lutheran University

Campus Access Policy

Effective 2016 (Updated 2023)

Facility access policies are intended to enable efficient access to space and maximize protection of students, employees, guests, and property. Policies were endorsed by the presidentially appointed Safety & Security Task Force and approved by the President’s Council.


Access Department: A division of the Campus Safety Department responsible for maintaining access requests/permissions, processing and managing PLU keys, and the management of the campus card swipe system.

Access List: Online program maintained by the Access Department and used by Campus Safety to verify that an individual has been given permission to access a particular space beyond regular hours.

Building Commissioners: Designated employees charged with overseeing the use of their assigned building. This includes determining building hours and special access permissions. Building Commissioners also appoint staff members from the building to the Emergency Building Coordinator program.

Anderson University Center Associate Vice President for Hospitality and Retail Services
Blomquist House Dean, Liberal Studies
Columbia Center TBD (Formerly AVP Hospitality/Retail Services)
Facilities Management Associate Vice President of Facilities Management
208 Garfield Associate Vice President for Hospitality and Retail Services
Garfield Station Dean, Health Professions
Gonyea House Associate Vice President of Facilities Management
Harstad Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Hauge Administration Building Chief Operating Officer
Hinderlie Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Hong Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Ingram Hall Dean, College of Professional Studies
Karen Hille Phillips Center Dean, College of Professional Studies
Kreidler Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Martin J. Neeb Center Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Mary Baker Russell Music Center Dean, College of Professional Studies
Memorial Gym ROTC Commander
Morken Center Dean, School of Business
Mortvedt Library Director of Library, (TBD) I&TS
Names Fitness Center Director of Athletics and Recreation
Nesvig House Associate Vice President of University Relations
Olson Auditorium Director of Athletics and Recreation; Dean, School of Education and Kinesiology
Ordal Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Dean of Students House Dean of Students
Pflueger Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Ramstad Hall Dean, School of Nursing
Rieke Science Center Dean of Natural Sciences
South Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Stuen Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Swimming Pool Director of Athletics and Recreation
Tingelstad Hall Associate Vice President for Campus Life
University Printing/Mail Services Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Wang Center House Executive Director Wang
Xavier Hall Dean of Social Sciences

Designated Office Access Requestor (DOAR): These are designed employees charged with approving access requests to their respective spaces. Any request for access outside of a planned event must be approved by the DOAR. List of DOAR’s.

Section 1 - Standard Building Hours

Academic and Administrative Facilities

  • Access will generally be available from 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • Standard PLU community access will generally be available via card swipe from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Mon-Fri or according to class schedule.
  • Accessibility may be adjusted to accommodate current facility usage to include weekend classes or special events.
  • Public buildings will be scheduled to campus needs.

Athletic Facilities

  • General access will reflect the standard academic/admin building hours.
  • Individual facilities may operate under varying public hours according to campus needs.
  • Access to athletic facilities is acquired by reservation in PLU campus calendar and subsequent approval by building authority and event services.

Access by the PLU community outside of these hours will be granted via the established procedures set in place by the Access Department. See Section 2 – Building Access

Residence Halls

  • No public hours – if visiting, guests must be escorted by a resident.
  • Residents have 24/7 access to own residence hall. See Appendix 1 for restrictions.
  • Resident access to other residence halls is available starting at 7:45 AM Mon-Fri and 9:00 AM Sat-Sun. Access ends at 10:00 PM Mon-Thur and at 11:00 PM Fri-Sun.

Exceptions to Standard Building Hours

The Building Commissioners may request changes to standard building hours through the Access Department. A consultation will be made with the Campus Safety Director who will conduct a security evaluation. Upon approval, the Access Department and the Campus Safety office will coordinate access schedules.

Holiday conflicts related to access hours will be settled by the President’s Council.

Section 2 – Building Access

Standard Access Modes
Access to facilities can be accomplished in these ways.

  1. The building is open to the public.
  2. The employee’s position automatically grants permission for access by key or card.
  3. A student’s registered class automatically grants permission for access by card.
  4. Temporary access is granted by calendar reservation or other method.
  5. Admittance via Campus Safety after access has been approved.
  6. Key or card check-out from Campus Safety.

Permission for access to particular facilities will be based on the need of the student or staff member. Most faculty and staff will have 24/7 access to their respective offices and/or work spaces. A list of the approved access locations for individuals will be maintained by the Access Department.

Students will automatically be provided access to facilities based on their class schedule. The access hours will be limited to those stated in Section 1 – Building Hours. This access list will be coordinated by the Access Department and Registrar’s Office.

Residential Students will be provided automatic 24/7 access to their residence halls via their LuteCard. This list will be coordinated between the Office of Residential Life and the Access Department.

Access Options for PLU Community Members When Only Using a Space Once
Temporary or special circumstances may necessitate access to offices, event spaces, learning spaces, and/or recreation facilities when the space is not open for use (after-hours, weekends, etc.).

  • To hold an event in a space the user must place a space reservation in the campus calendar or by calling Hospitality Services at 253-535-7453. Individuals may not be granted access to a space unless it was previously reserved.
  • Last minute requests for access to labs or learning spaces may be authorized if the faculty or staff member contacts Campus Safety directly and identifies the student(s) approved for access, the space and time frame for access. This type of access is only approved for one-time access. Ongoing access needs to be submitted to the DOAR for approval.
  • A Campus Safety “In and Out” admit is authorized for most spaces on campus. This type of access involves Campus Safety unlocking the space and then supervising the pick up or drop off of an item by the student requesting access.

Temporary Access for PLU Guests
Temporary access may be approved for guest instructors, contractors, or other guests sponsored by a PLU department.

Outside vendors and contract service personnel may be granted temporary access to facilities by Vice Presidents, President’s Office Staff, Directors, Assistant Directors, Campus Safety professional staff, Facilities Management, Residential Life, and I&TS. Keys and/or cards may not be permanently issued to contractors.

  • The sponsor of the activity may submit an electronic request for access at
  • Access Department may consult with the Building Commissioner and/or DOAR to confirm access parameters.
  • The sponsor will receive access confirmations from the Access Department.
  • The sponsor manages guest access and informs them about access times, safety, supervision, and responsibilities of access.
  • Access without prior approval may not be granted.

Specific Access Request Procedures – Ongoing Access
Access to work and learning spaces for times outside normal access hours must be requested by a faculty or staff members to the DOAR for the respective space. The DOAR will then submit the request via the online form at

  • The Access Administrator will confirm that the request falls within policy and may consult with the Campus Safety Director, Building Commissioner or DOAR for further clarification.
  • An email will be sent to the DOAR confirming when/how access is available.

Unlocking Procedure
The access control system shows access privileges assigned for campus individuals. This information is referred to by Campus Safety when the individual calls for access to a space.

Once access privileges have been approved there are three methods to obtaining access.

  • For card swipe locations the individual’s access permission will be placed on their card. They can let themselves into the space at any time during the approved time frame.
  • For spaces with key locks the requester must call Campus Safety for the admit, which must be during the approved time frame.
  • Some locations will approve the checkout of keys/cards from the Campus Safety office by the individual.

Extended Access Privileges
There are two types of extended access privileges. The first allows extended access for students to academic buildings, classrooms and studios/labs from 6AM to Midnight, including weekend access. After midnight all students must vacate the building. Staff or faculty who want this extended access for their student(s) must submit a request to the Designated Office Access Requestor (DOAR) for that building/space. The DOAR will then submit the request via the online form on the Access website. Once the Access department evaluates the request the individual’s permissions will be updated on their account in the access control system (LenelS2 OnGuard).

In rare circumstances staff or faculty may request extended access between the hours of midnight and 6 AM (24 hour access) to an academic space or other work space for a student. This is an additional level to the extended access until midnight. These requests must be evaluated based on the need of the student against the potential risk to the university and the student.

Access to a space between the hours of midnight and 6 AM will be granted after the following procedures have been completed.

  • Faculty/Administrators who want a particular student to have access past midnight must make the request to the appropriate DOAR at the location.
  • The DOAR will submit the request to reserve the room via EMS and note the name of the individuals approved for access.
  • A minimum of two students per request is required. Students should not be in a space between midnight and 6 AM alone.
  • The access will be posted for specific dates and times. Semester long requests are not allowed.
  • The access privilege is for those listed on the original request only. Allowing friends (not on the original request) to join them in the space is a violation of the access agreement.
  • Access to the space after midnight will be completed by Campus Safety. Card reader access will not be approved.
  • If the student is in the space prior to midnight and wishes to remain in the space they must contact Campus Safety to inform them they are still in the space. Campus Safety will then ensure that the proper permissions are associated with the student’s LuteCard.
  • Students must have their PLU Lutecard in their possession to get access or remain in the space. During routine building checks Campus Safety should be contacting the individual to verify that they have extended access privileges.
  • Students must notify Campus Safety when they leave a space prior to normal operating hours.

The use of the extended access privileges should be reserved for special circumstances. Access will not be approved during campus closures.

Section 3 - Assistance with Card Swipes, Lost Cards, Key Problems, or Access Parameters

Lost or stolen cards should be reported as soon as it is determined they are gone. The access privileges can then be turned off. You can report via phone 24/7 by calling Campus Safety at 253-535-7441. The card owner must also submit a lost card report via the online form at the Access website. There is a replacement fee charged at the Concierge when the new card is issued.

Access Administration Department
Neeb Center, 1st Floor
Monday through Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm

Campus Safety
Neeb Center, 1st Floor
Office open Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm
24/7 access for emergencies
253-535-7441 – Select Option 1

Section 4 - Appendix 1


 Type 1: No classes are in session, residence halls are occupied, departments closed.
(i.e., PLU holidays, Thanksgiving break, mid-semester and spring break, weather closures)

  • Building doors remain locked to unauthorized requests
    • Classroom doors remain locked to non-PLU personnel

Type 2: No classes are in session, resident halls not occupied, university is open 8am-5pm.
(i.e., week before Christmas break.)

  • Building doors remain locked to unauthorized requests
    • Classroom doors remain locked to non-PLU personnel
    • Residence hall access allowed as prescribed by Residential Life
    • Students and employees can access academic buildings during regular card access schedule

Type 3: No classes in session, resident halls not occupied, university is closed.
(i.e., Christmas break)

  • Building doors remain locked to unauthorized requests
    • Classroom doors remain locked to non-PLU personnel
    • Residence hall access allowed as prescribed by Residential Life staff
    • Card or key access for faculty and full-time exempt employees only
    • Campus Safety and Maintenance Staff on duty have card access as appropriate

Type 4: Emergencies, Lock Down, Evacuations, Malfunctions

When buildings are rendered unsafe for occupancy (breakdown of heating, water, electricity, etc.) then building and classroom doors will be locked to all except emergency personnel: fire, sheriff, Campus Safety, facilities maintenance staff.