A World Of Understanding

Despite the inevitable increasing global competition for jobs, American graduates who have international experience, language capabilities and cross-cultural communication skills are more likely to succeed in our global, interconnected economy. And with nearly 50 percent of students studying away, PLU is way ahead of the national average of only about 10 percent of students studying abroad at some point in their academic career. At PLU, we think it is essential that students have an educational perspective that extends beyond campus, to the far corners of the world. That’s why PLU weaves global education through almost every aspect of your study, no matter your major. We know it will help you find success in your career and realize your full potential to serve and lead in the challenging world of the 21st century. More than ever, success depends on developing a global perspective and an understanding of the intercultural and intellectual richness of the world.

International Honors Program. The International Honors Program is a challenging and creative way to satisfy most core curriculum requirements, reflecting PLU’s unique mission and its emphasis on the liberal arts. This multiyear program consists of seven interdisciplinary courses that explore contemporary issues and their historical foundations through an integrated and multinational approach.  For more information, please go to the International Honors home page.

PLU International Honors Program in Social Justice in Oxford, England. 

Throughout history, some of the most exceptional scholars have studied at Oxford. Now PLU IHON students have a chance to study in this remarkable location. The Oxford program, which takes place over a January Term and Spring Semester, is designed for PLU Honor students to study away with fellow PLU Honor students and a PLU professor at Oxford University. The program explores social justice, as it is understood theoretically from a multidisciplinary perspective, and the implications of such theories for practical developments. Students will take classes from their PLU professor and from Oxford faculty, live near campus, engage in service learning and take a number of study tours during this Study Away experience. For more information, please go to the Oxford-IHON page.

Global Study On-Campus. PLU offers eight foreign languages; cross-disciplinary majors in Chinese Studies, Global Studies, Scandinavian Area Studies and Environmental Studies;  and courses and programs that integrate international and global perspectives throughout the curriculum. There are programs for the study of global issues such as modernization and development; global resources and trade; and peace, justice and human rights. Programs are also available for study of the world’s regions, cultures and societies.

Study Away. PLU regularly places among the top 10 master’s degree universities in the United States for the percentage of students engaged in international study. At PLU you’ll find many opportunities to Study Away, both globally and locally, for a semester or for a year. In fact, PLU was the first American university to have Study Away classes on all seven continents at the same time. PLU students have studied ecosystems of the mountain peaks of New Zealand and analyzed business trends in China. They have explored nature and literature in Ecuador and economic development and human rights in South Africa. They have experienced a literature and nature adventure at the Antarctic. PLU faculty members direct most of these programs; others are offered in collaboration with partner institutions.

Here, Study Away is much more than a trip. It is an opportunity to take an intensive course and study a focused topic, on location, with a professor who knows the subject and location well. Many students travel during PLU’s January Term, called J-Term. It’s a one-month session between Fall and Spring semesters that offers many Study Away opportunities. The chance to participate in more than 25 international and domestic study/travel programs lets you immerse yourself in a country, culture or discipline that you never imagined–and get credit for it, too. For more information, please go to the Wang Center for Global Education homepage.

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