The “L” in PLU

Maybe you already know it stands for “Lutheran”.

‘Do you have to be Lutheran to go to PLU?’ Answer: Nope. 10% of our students are Lutheran. The other 90% come from other faith backgrounds or have no faith background at all, and ALL are welcome here.

So what exactly does that ‘L’ mean?

At PLU, our Lutheran heritage means that our approach to higher education is fairly unconventional, because transformative care is the heart of everything we do.

Caring here means more than kindness and consideration – it means a bold commitment to expanding well-being, opportunity, and justice. Care shapes your PLU experience inside and outside the classroom: professors work to create an environment where you’re heard, valued, and encouraged to question convention and draw new connections in pursuit of truth. It characterizes our student body, who aren’t afraid to do things differently to leave the world better than they found it.

We see a future where caring is at the center of every beneficial technological innovation, policy reform and social movement that changes the way we live. The students we challenge, nurture and inspire become the drivers of that future.

"Because We're Lutheran" Podcast

Because we're Lutheran

This podcast explores the ins and outs of Lutheranism and the principles of Lutheran higher education. Each episode features one or more guests from the campus community, and will focus on big topics as seen and experienced through the lens of PLU’s faith community.

Lutheran Higher Ed. Blog Posts

PLU students and kids dancing at the free music camp at Trinity Lutheran started by PLU music majors.

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