Advising Guides

Advising guides are for advising purposes only and do not denote a contract with the student or Pacific Lutheran University. The advising guides are for individual majors only. Contact Academic Advising and/or Department/Program chairs if interested in completing multiple majors and minors. Many programs have specific deadlines for application or declaration Рcontact the department or program chair for information.


For guidance on My Academic Pathway please see your Academic Advisor.

The information provided is accurate as of August 2020, please check back frequently as some things may have changed. The university reserves the right to make necessary changes at its discretion.

General Degree Requirements:

  • A minimum of 128 semester hours must be completed with a GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  • In addition to the requirements for the major, students must complete all other requirements of the University as listed in the catalog.
  • At least 8 semester hours for the major must be taken in residence at PLU.

Click on any of the below Division or School for information on individual majors.

Division of Humanities

(Departments of English, Languages & Literatures, Philosophy, Religion)

Division of Natural Sciences

(Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics)

Division of Social Sciences

(Departments of Anthropology, Economics, History, Politics & Government, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Social Work)

School of Arts and Communication

(Departments of Art & Design, Communication & Theatre, Music)

School of Education and Kinesiology

(Departments of Education and Kinesiology)

Multidisciplinary & Interdisciplinary Programs

(Chinese Studies, Environmental Studies, Global Studies, Scandinavian Area Studies, Women & Gender Studies)