Prepare for the Journey

My Academic Pathway provides you with the basic tools for planning your pathway to academic success at PLU.

Click on any of the links below to find out more information on New Student Registration; Two-Year Course Cycles; Advising Resources; and Career Connections.


For guidance on My Academic Pathway please see your Academic Advisor.

New Student Registration

Two-Year Course Cycles

Two-Year Course Cycles help in your academic planning.

Advising Resources

There are many resources available at PLU to help.

Career Connections

Find internships, student employment and career options.


New Student Registration is for first-year student registration. All incoming students will meet with a Registration Counselor to register for Fall classes. These meetings provide an opportunity for students to discuss course selection, interest areas and academic preparation.  To be eligible for registration, the $200 Advance Tuition Payment must be paid, and the New Online Payment Contract must be submitted. More information may be found on the New Student Registration website.

These undergraduate two-year course cycles are intended to assist you in planning your academic program.  When you meet with your advisor, the information in these course cycles can be used to plan your course of study.

All course offerings depend on such things as the university budget, instructor availability, and enrollment, and the schedules listed here are subject to change without notice, so these schedules are not contracts or guarantees. Nonetheless, these schedules can be very helpful because they’re based on the academic unit’s best estimate of what they intend to offer.

You should meet with your advisor once per semester, and the Class Schedule on Banner Web ( provides the most up-to-date scheduling information.

Seeing your advisor is the best way to plan your pathway to academic success!

Pacific Lutheran University provides a wide range of resources to guide students in their exploration and choice of majors and minors, including Four-Year Advising Guides.  The most important resource is your academic advisor. The resources listed (Academic Advising, Advising Guides, Career Connections, Departmental websites and faculty advising, and CAPP report) are designed to assist in your conversations with your advisor to plan your pathway to academic success.

Career Connections embodies PLU’s commitment to help you discover your career aspirations. However, the PLU approach to career readiness is distinct. A PLU education not only prepares you to excel by building excellent intellectual skills, but also by connecting you with opportunities to realize your potential and find meaning and purpose in your work.

Career Connections brings together PLU’s best academic and career planning tools to help you make a seamless transition into the next phase of life. By linking you with the right resources, advisors and opportunities, Career Connections positions you to succeed.