Advising Resources at PLU

Pacific Lutheran University provides a wide range of resources to guide students in their exploration and choice of majors and minors.


For guidance on My Academic Pathway please see your Academic Advisor.

Academic Advisors at PLU are committed to assisting students as they discover and define their educational, personal, and emergent life goals. The advising relationship is a collaborative partnership through which students may gain an understanding of academic disciplines and university resources, and be supported and challenged to become contributing members of the community. Academic Advisors work to support and strengthen students’ development as they progress through their academic journey.

Advising guides are intended for advising purposes and individual majors only.  Students should contact Academic Advising and/or Department/Program chairs if interested in completing multiple majors and minors. Many programs have specific deadlines for application or declaration – contact the department or program chair for information.

Career Connections embodies PLU’s commitment to helping students discover their career aspirations. However, the PLU approach to career readiness is distinct. A PLU education not only prepares students to excel by building excellent intellectual skills, but also by connecting them with opportunities to realize their potential and find meaning and purpose in their work.

Career Connections brings together PLU’s best academic and career planning tools to help students make a seamless transition into the next phase of life. By linking students with the right resources, advisors and opportunities, Career Connections positions students to succeed.

Each department has provided specific information about their programs, courses, and advising on their individual websites.  Often information specific to a major/minor can be found by visiting these sites.  Faculty and staff contact information on the online directory.

The Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) report allows undergraduate students to check online the progress towards completion of Pacific Lutheran University’s General Education Program Elements. Faculty and staff advisors also use the CAPP report to assist students in planning their academic program.