Services Offered

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Eligibility for Services / Enrollment Parameters

  • All currently matriculated students residing in the United States who are enrolled in PLU courses are eligible to access free mental health counseling services through three access points: Campus-Based, TimelyCare (formerly Lute Telehealth), and the PLU Crisis Line.
    • Campus-Based:  All students enrolled for classes may access campus-based services with PLU counselors via the PLU Counseling Services office.  All initial campus-based sessions are in-person.  Per Washington State licensing regulations, students currently located in Washington State and enrolled for classes may be eligible for virtual follow-up services with PLU counselors via Zoom.
    • TimelyCare (formerly Lute Telehealth):  All students currently located in the United States and enrolled for classes may access TimelyCare services at any time.  TimelyCare provides easy access to mental health (and medical) services online or by telephone via on-demand and scheduled appointments.  (Students enrolled and located abroad may access the “Talk Now” portion of TimelyCare via a U.S.-based telephone or via internet using the PLU VPN.)
    • PLU Crisis Line (253-535-7075):  All students currently located in the United States and enrolled for classes may access the Crisis Line at any time via telephone.
  • New incoming students for Fall Semester:  Students are eligible for services as of their assigned early arrival/move to campus dates, once the following criteria are met:
    • the enrollment deposit has been made, and
    • they are registered for Fall classes
  • January Term (J-Term):  If a student is enrolled in the Fall Semester prior to J-Term or is enrolled in the Spring Semester following J-Term, they remain eligible for services.  If a student graduates in December, prior to J-Term, they are no longer eligible to access campus-based services, however they may utilize TimelyCare until February 1st.
  • Summer:  If a continuing student is enrolled for the upcoming Fall Semester, they are eligible to access counseling services.
    • Students who were enrolled the previous Spring Semester, but who are not enrolled for either Summer classes or for the upcoming Fall Semester are not eligible to access counseling services.
    • Students enrolled in a PLUS Year are eligible for counseling services during the summer.
  • Graduates:  Students who have graduated from the university are no longer eligible to access Campus-Based services.  Students who graduate in May are eligible for care with TimelyCare until August 1st.  Students who graduate in December are eligible for care with TimelyCare until February 1st.

Regardless of enrollment status, PLU students, graduates, faculty, staff, and administrators as well as local community members may use PLU’s community referral service, Thriving Campus.

Individual Therapy / First and Ongoing Appointments

In order to meet significant student demand for services and use resources most effectively, the first appointment is a 30-minute Access Consultation appointment and is scheduled as soon as available.  The Access Consultation includes a brief clinical assessment, and (in partnership with the student) a determination about which programs/services are the best entry point for the student given their current needs.  The possible limits to service are explained within the context of each student’s presenting concerns.  For the Access Consultation appointment, timeliness (access to services) and screening for risk are primary considerations.

Ongoing therapy sessions are flexible to the need of the student/concern, and can be 30-50 minutes.  Each student is different, and we will work closely with each student to determine the best course of action for their individual circumstance and support needs.  Ongoing therapy is typically solution-oriented, and sessions are geared toward direct and active intervention to help students achieve specific goals.  This model is focused on helping students to resolve or effectively manage a specific problem or challenge, or to make a particular desired change.  For most students, ongoing sessions usually are scheduled every 2-3 weeks.

Students may have access to additional services, including workshops, depending on fit and availability, the nature of their concerns, and expectations for treatment.

Urgent / Same-Day Options

PLU Crisis Line (253-535-7075):  Students in need of urgent mental health support have access 24-hours a day to telephone-based support.  The Crisis Line provides a triage service to assess the nature of student’s presenting concerns and help students identify next steps to support their health and safety.

TimelyCare (formerly Lute Telehealth):  TimelyCare provides a broader range of options for the PLU student (e.g., access to care for students currently located out of state, broader diversity of counselor characteristics, and appointment availability).

  • TalkNow – On-demand, 24/7 immediate access to mental health professionals
  • Scheduled Counseling – video-based, counseling sessions through the academic year for up to 12 sessions

Some students may identify at the outset that a brief therapy or generalist clinician model is not the best fit for their current needs.  Other students may find after their Access Consultation (first) appointment that they would like more frequent, longer term, or more specialized services.  In such cases, our providers are happy to work with students to facilitate referrals and establishment of care with best-fit, community care.  For some students, TimelyCare will be an excellent fit for short term, more frequent meetings with a provider.

If you believe you may benefit from referral services, please review this document: PLU Counseling Services Referral Support.

ThrivingCampus Community Referral List

We partner with ThrivingCampus to make it easier for you to find mental health providers in your local community, in any state.   Access this directory of off-campus providers in your community who work directly with students.  Students do not need to sign in or download anything to access the provider directory.  It can be accessed on devices of all types, including computers, phones, and tablets.

Visit to:

  • browse and filter providers based on your needs and preferences.
  • get answers to common questions.
  • reach out to community providers and connect with mental health care.

Our experienced team of licensed psychologists and mental health counselors provide consultation with those concerned about PLU students.  We are open to speaking with parents, friends, staff, and faculty about a range of issues, including:

  • strategies for helping a student connect with PLU Counseling Services or other on-campus support;
  • concerns about a particular student who might be experiencing emotional distress or struggling with mental health struggles;
  • concerns about the impact of an individual’s distressing behaviors on others;
  • referrals to community mental health providers and services.

Please understand that all information about our clients is completely confidential (we are unable to acknowledge if a student is a client within our office).  However, we may still be able to provide general information about how to understand, provide assistance, or get help for the person or situation you describe.  And confidentiality does not limit what you can tell us.

To speak to a counselor for a consultation on non-urgent issues, please call (253) 535-7206 during regular business hours (Mon-Thurs, 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm to 5:00pm).  A message may be left, and requests for consultation are returned within one business day.

If you need a consult on an urgent situation, please seek consultation from our PLU Crisis Line (253) 535-7075 for immediate support.

Psychiatric Medication Management

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is available within PLU Health Services to assist students with medication management.  Psychiatric care may include psychiatric evaluation, one-time consultation, medication recommendations and management, and/or referral out to a community provider.  When psychiatric medication is recommended for a student, short-term treatment can be initiated internally or with the goal of transferring to a community provider once stabilized.  To facilitate coordination and continuity of care, students seeing PLU’s psychiatric nurse practitioner must also establish a relationship with a PLU counselor or psychologist.  In some cases, long-term treatment is indicated and a student is best served in the community.  Counselors and clinicians can assist the student to make an efficient transfer of care to community providers.

In the case of student discharge from psychiatric hospitalization, ongoing psychiatric services cannot be provided.  Students may, depending upon the availability of the PLU psychiatric nurse practitioner’s schedule, be able to access a one-time, urgent consultation.  Students will need, however, to seek immediate, ongoing care in the community.  PLU psychiatric services are only able to provide service up until the initial appointment with a community provider.

Click here to view the posted Counseling Services Scope of Care document.

The daily walk-in hour has been discontinued as of the 2023-24 academic year due to lack of use of it’s original function as a time for student consultation with a clinician.

Students may access same-day care when using TimelyCare telehealth services and are encouraged to seek this service first.

Students seeking urgent same-day services should contact the PLU Crisis Line (253-535-7075) or use TimelyCare “Talk Now” services for quick and immediate crisis triage and care.  Click “Urgent / Same-Day Options” tab above for more details.