Food Resources

From Nourish Pierce County Website:

  • All customers will be asked for their name, the number of people in the household needing food, their address, and the dates of birth of all household members. This information is for Nourish use only.  It helps us to ensure that enough food is available to serve all in need. Information such as age, zip code, and ethnicity are collected for statistical purposes only in compliance with government funders.  No personal information is ever shared.
  • NEW to Nourish?  Please try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the end of service hours to ensure you are able to be served before the close of the day.
  • Nourish strives to provide 3 meals a day for 3 days for each member of the household.  Customers are asked to visit no more than one Nourish site weekly. Customers who attempt to visit Nourish sites multiple times during the same week will be asked to come back the following week.
  • Self-select shopping is returning to all food bank locations, including mobile. At Graham and Northwest locations, clients will be served pre-packed groceries either in a “Drive-Through” model or “Walk Up” line
  • Clients must remain 6 feet or more away from each other as they wait for service.
  • Please wear a face mask.
  • Food quantities are based on family size.
  • We encourage clients to check the website or Facebook page for updates or changes in schedules.
  • If you are feeling ill and need food, please review these guidelines.
  • Nourish Pierce County does not provide meal delivery. For other organizations to contact for this service, please visit our Community Resource page.

The Pantry is accessible to students, staff and faculty who have a valid PLU ID. Every person entering the Pantry must swipe in with ID. To request entry after regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), contact PLU Campus Safety at 253-535-7441 or Email: Procedures outlining use, physical distancing and other COVID-19 protocols are posted on the Pantry door. Please govern yourself accordingly.

The PLU Pantry is located on the first floor of the AUC inside of Campus Ministry in room 190. The South Hall Pantry exists to serve South Hall residents. It is located inside the first-floor kitchen space and can be accessed 24/7 with a valid PLU ID.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact Susan Pavur
Office Phone: (253) 535 – 7462

Business Hours:

Office: Tu-F, 9am-4pm Food Pantry: Tu, 11am-3pm; F, 11am-2pm; Su, noon-2pm (hours may change seasonally – sometimes in the fall/winter, Su is 1pm-3pm)
Travel Information:
Food pantry entrance is located on 121st.  Look for the signs.