Doesn't sharing student information violate FERPA?

No, sharing a student’s information of concern is not a violation of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). According to FERPA, “One of the exceptions to the prior written consent requirement in FERPA allows “school officials,” including teachers, within a school to obtain access to personally identifiable information contained in education records provided the school has determined that they have “legitimate educational interest” in the information. Although the term “school official” is not defined in the statute or regulations, this Office generally interprets the term to include parties such as: professors; instructors; administrators; health staff; counselors; attorneys; clerical staff; trustees; members of committees and disciplinary boards; and a contractor, volunteer or other party to whom the school has outsourced institutional services or functions.”

For more information on PLU’s FERPA policy, please see

The Office of the Registrar website.

Can I submit a report of care anonymously?

Yes and no. A reporter does not need to disclose their name or identifying information. However, it might be important for the SCN to gain more information from the reporter, so all reporters are encouraged to provide their name and contact information.

If a reporter does not want their name used in the conversation with the student, the reporter can mention this in the report and in the follow-up from the SCN member outreach.

In situations of Title IX related incidents, all PLU employees are considered mandatory reporters and are required to share their contact information.

How soon will my concern be addressed?

Concerns brought to the SCN will be addressed as soon as possible, and most likely within the same week a report is submitted.

Generally, the SCN will meet once a week to discuss the concerns reported. This meeting will start the formal outreach process to the student, and interventions will occur as applicable.

What if a student doesn't want to participate in an outreach?

If a student does not respond to any outreach (emails, invitations to meet, etc.), the SCN member will revisit the level of care and concern requested. If it is in the student’s best interest to meet with the SCN member, then the SCN member will take steps to ensure a meeting is held.

Can anyone submit a report of care?

Yes, all PLU and non-PLU community members are encouraged to submit a report of care regarding a PLU student, should they feel inclined to do so.

If you have questions about submitting a report, you are always welcome to speak with staff members in Student Rights and Responsibilities.

If I report a student of concern, will I be updated on the progress?

Yes. The Student Care Network will connect with the reporter once a report is received, and continue to update the reporter on outreach to the student as appropriate.

What if I don't know if my concern should be reported?

Staff in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities are always open to consultation. Please contact us at, or 253-535-7462 to discuss your concern and talk through future action steps.

If I want to report in confidence, where should I report this?

There are several offices on campus that provide confidential support with resources. Those include:

Campus Ministry


University Center

Center for Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability


Anderson University Center Room 150

Counseling Center


University Center 3rd Floor

Student Health Center


121st and Park Ave.