Disability Support Services

Welcome to Pacific Lutheran University Disability Support Services (DSS), part of the Dean of Student’s office, within the Division of Student Life. DSS is dedicated to ensuring equitable access and inclusion for all students with disabilities. We serve students with either temporary or permanent physical, health, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities. Students partner with our office to establish reasonable accommodations and services to receive equitable access to academic and co-curricular opportunities.

Students with disabilities have access to participate in, and receive the benefit of, any program or activity operated by PLU. PLU has zero tolerance for discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex or disability. Reasonable accommodation will be provided at no cost to the student on a case-by-case basis as recommended in the student’s documentation of a disability and as determined by the DSS Coordinator.

Our Missions

To assure that all students are considered fully enfranchised members of the educational community and have access to any program or activity operated by the University. Our goals are to:

  • Appreciate and understand the needs of our students with disabilities;
  • Develop a comfort zone for these students by establishing accessible, barrier-free campus environment; and
  • Provide a classroom environment that gives our students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in discussion and activities.

Accommodations are an active partnership between our students, the DSS office, and professors. In order for the authorized accommodations to fulfill their purpose, each party must be engaged and participate in the accommodation process.

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