Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing information and assistance to those who wish to raise a complaint or have concerns relating to the University’s compliance with Title IX
  • Ensuring that the University is in compliance with Title IX, including responding effectively to each complaint
  • Monitor complaint outcomes, identify patterns, and assess impact on school climate
  • Providing assistance and support to University programs responsible for responding to and investigating complaints
  • Identifying and addressing any patterns or systemic issues relating to Title IX compliance
  • Facilitating University-wide training and outreach
  • Participating in and providing support for committees and other programs dedicated to Title IX compliance

The Title IX Coordinator will also be available to meet individually with complainants, help provide resolution to complaints and give any additional information and guidance.

When Should I Contact the Title IX Coordinator?

Any student, faculty, or staff member who feels they have been a victim of any sex discrimination or sexual misconduct should contact the Title IX Coordinator. Mandatory reporters need to contact the Title IX Coordinator as soon as it is possible once they have become knowledgeable of a reportable incident. Also, any third party observer of sex discrimination is advised to report and contact the Title IX Coordinator.

All conversations and information discussed with the Title IX Coordinator will be kept as confidential as possible. Any information regarding sexual misconduct will be reported to relevant administrators on a need to know basis for proper action to occur. However, all wishes for confidentiality will be taken into consideration.