How To Make A Report

Any student, faculty, or staff member who feels they have been impacted by any sex discrimination or sexual misconduct (also referred to as Prohibited Conduct) should contact the University Title IX Coordinator. Mandatory Reporters need to contact the Title IX Coordinator as soon as it is possible once they have become knowledgeable of a reportable incident. Also, any third party observer of Prohibited Conduct is advised to report and contact the Title IX Coordinator.

The Title IX Coordinator will review all student to student sexual misconduct allegations and make a determination if the conduct meets the criteria set forth by the 2020 Final Rule Title IX regulations. All faculty/staff to student allegations will be reviewed and forwarded to the PLU Department of Human Resources.

Any PLU community member who believes they have been subjected to sex discrimination or sexual misconduct is an Impacted Party, and is encouraged to report such a concern.

Students may report Prohibited Conduct in several ways:

  • Submit a report online: anyone is able to electronically submit a report via the online Incident Reporting Form. Impacted Parties can remain anonymous; however, the Title IX office will only be able to act on as much information as is given.


  • Contact the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinators via email or phone
    • Jennifer Childress-White, Title IX Coordinator (,, or 253.535.7361)
    • Eva Frey, Deputy Title IX Coordinator / Dean of Students (, or 253.535.7159)
    • Gretchen Howell, Deputy Title IX Coordinator / Director of Human Resource (, or 253.535.7329)


  • Submit a report via mail to Pacific Lutheran University at:
    Title IX Coordinator, Pacific Lutheran University, 12180 Park Avenue S, Tacoma, WA 98447 


  • Law enforcement: Students may make a report directly to local law enforcement officials by calling 911, or through contacting Campus Safety at 252-535-7911 , who can assist students in filing a report with local law enforcement


Important: With the exception of staff who are identified as confidential resources because of their licensure, all faculty, staff, administration, Resident Assistants, and Campus Safety student employees are considered Mandatory Reporters for all incidents related to Prohibited Conduct and will file a report when information is shared with them alleging potential Prohibited Conduct. 


Staff and Faculty may report Prohibited Conduct by contacting:

Reports can be filed with any of the following:

There is no time limit on making a complaint, but prompt reporting is encouraged in order to provide the impacted party support, as well as obtain appropriate evidence and information.

All of the above individuals are considered private sources. This means the offices will keep the information as private as possible, but certain procedures will need to be followed once reported.