Welcome to Academic Assistance at Pacific Lutheran University!

It’s January — the wonderful moment for a fresh start, for the term, the year, and even the decade!

Academic Assistance does not offer tutoring in January. But you can get excellent academic help in the following ways during January.

  • Use the Writing Center for all of your paper assignments. They are open in January in the afternoons and evenings, Monday-Thursday. Check their website for specifics and information about how to make an appointment.
  • Use your professor, who is an excellent resource for your class-based questions and so much more! Professors love it when you come to their office with questions.
  • Use the Center for Student Success.
  • Use other resources on campus for issues that are not directly academic but that may be interfering with your academic progress. Find a list of these departments/resources in the Division of Student Life website.
  • Use yourselves. When you study with other students who are devoted to learning, you benefit from others’ explanations and from explaining to others. Learning in community works.

Academic Assistance looks forward to helping you learn with less stress and more success in Spring Semester!

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