Course withdrawal, University withdrawal, and more:

If you’re considering withdrawing from a class, you should review all the information on this page before you submit any withdrawal forms.

Course withdrawal

Course withdrawals should be used when you can no longer successfully complete a course with a passing grade. Withdrawing from a course will show up on your transcript as a “W.” You will not earn a grade for the course and it will not impact your GPA. Complete the Course Withdrawal – Single Course form on the Registrar’s website to withdraw from a class.

Some things to consider:

  • Withdrawing from a course may drop you below full-time status. Students are required to be enrolled in 12 credits to be considered full-time. Going below full-time might impact your financial aid, so you should speak with a Student Success Advisor before withdrawing.
  • Depending on how many credits you are attempting, you might risk losing your state financial aid if you withdraw. To be sure that your financial aid will not be impacted by withdrawing, you should meet with a Student Success Advisor before submitting the form. If you are on academic probation or a SAP plan with Financial aid, you may not be eligible to withdraw.
  • You should talk to your professor about where you are at with your grades and if it is still possible for you to earn a passing grade before you submit the withdrawal form.

University withdrawal

If you no longer want to be a PLU student (temporarily or for good) then you should withdraw from the university. Withdrawing is a good option if you are taking a break or are planning to transfer to another school. If you withdraw during the semester then you will receive “W” grades on your transcript and your GPA will not be impacted. If you withdraw before a semester starts, then you will not receive grades for the upcoming semester.

You can complete the university withdraw form on the Center for Student Success website.

If you live on campus, you’ll need to speak with your RA or CD about how long you have until you need to move out. You should also speak with Financial Services to make sure you do not have an owing balance before leaving.

Medical withdrawal

The university recognizes that in certain circumstances a health issue may so significantly impact a student’s academic experience that a medical withdrawal is needed. In these situations, students may request to withdraw completely from the University for a specific term for medical reasons. A medical withdrawal is for ALL registered courses in a term. The student must provide written evidence from their medical provider stating support for the student taking a pause in their educational pursuit. In addition, the student must submit a personal explanation in writing, and/or meet directly with the Dean of Students. The request and the accompanying materials must be completed and submitted before the last day to withdraw from a course for the specific term.  If granted, the notation of MW in lieu of grades will appear on the student’s transcript and a medical withdrawal hold will be placed on the student’s account. Medical provider clearance, and a discussion with the Dean of Students is required prior to re-enrollment. For more information please contact the Dean of Students Office located in the Wellbeing Services and Resources Office at 121st St and Park Ave S, or call 253-535-7462.