Build Your Degree

Academic Advising wants to help you develop and follow your personalized graduation plan! Use the tools on this page to create your degree plan, then meet with your advisor to review your plan. You should update your plan each semester and you should always check with your advisor before registering for any classes each semester.

How to build your degree plan:

  1. Download a copy of the 4-year plan. Follow the instructions to insert the appropriate general education requirements and major/minor requirements to the main page.
  2. Using the Advising Guide for your major, fill in your classes for your major(s) and minor(s) throughout the 4-years. To be sure that the classes you need are going to be offered in the desired semester, check the 2-year course cycles as you are adding your classes into the plan.
  3. Use the 2-year course cycle to fill in your general education classes after you have finished filling in your major classes.
  4. Finally, check to make sure that none of your classes require prerequisite courses. Use the Course Catalog to find individual classes, their course descriptions, and prerequisite courses.

How to use the blank 4-year plan:

  1. Make a COPY of the plan and save it to your Google Drive
  2. Fill in top cell with personal information
  3. Go to the 22-23 majors tab and find and copy the appropriate general education elements. If you have a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA), then copy the DTA transfer list. If you are in IHON, then copy the IHON list. All other students should copy the GEN EDS list (A:1 – A:24). Paste this list into the “PLAN” tab at M:1 (General Education).
  4. Return to the 21-22 majors tab and find and copy the appropriate major list and paste the list into the “PLAN” tab at K:1. Repeat this step for any additional majors and minors and paste below your first major.
  5. Use the following order of operations to place classes in the correct spaces for your 4 years: major, general education, minor. As  you write classes in each column, cross them out on the lists.

Advising guides are for advising purposes only and do not denote a contract with the student or Pacific Lutheran University. The advising guides are for individual majors only. Contact Academic Advising and/or Department/Program chairs if interested in completing multiple majors and minors. Many programs have specific deadlines for application or declaration – contact the department or program chair for information.

These undergraduate two-year course cycles are intended to assist you in planning your academic program.  When you meet with your advisor, the information in these course cycles can be used to plan your course of study.

The Course Catalog contains information about all permanent classes offered at PLU. It is organized by college, then by department. The Catalog provides information about specific degrees, prerequisites, and major and minor information.